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    Default Re: Class and Level Geekery III (some [spoiler]s)

    Quote Originally Posted by ptmc2112 View Post
    Question on Haley's strength rating....

    how much strength is required for this?

    Just curious....
    Not much. Dragging something makes it as if it were one-fifth the weight. Plus, we don't know how fast she's moving. She could be moving as little as 5' per round, making her fully encumbered. The cart weighs 200 lbs. Belkar weighs 30. Mr. Scruffy probably weighs no more than 10. Roy's body and equipment probably weigh around 220. That's 430 lbs. A strength of 9 could drag that and we've already established a minimum Str of 11 for Haley.

    If Thanh is put in the cart too (another 220 lbs.), Haley would need a Str 13. That would be worth a notation.
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