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    Ranger 10/Bloodhound 10//Beguiler 20 would be my choice.
    Use the Complete Mage's "Favored Enemy--Arcanist" option.

    Swordsage 20//Cloistered Cleric 5/Church Inquisitor/Contemplative 10
    Use the PHB2's "Spontaneous Domain Casting" variant.
    Get domains like Trickery, Travel, Darkness and Celerity.

    Archivist 20//Factotum 20
    This is pretty straightforward: Focus on Intelligence with Wisdom and Dexterity as secondary abilities. For feats, grab 6 Fonts of Inspiration (31 IP), Extend Spell, Knowledge Devotion, Quicken Spell and Persistant Spell.

    Warblade 10/Swiftblade 10//Beguiler 14/Factotum 6
    (levels arranged for 20/20 Beguiler casting and for maximum Maneuver levels).

    *I'm not a fan of overly elaborate builds unless I get to play the character through their development (it tends to make DMs suspicious). I'm sure that all of these could PrC a few more times and become marginally more powerful, but I'd rather avoid that.
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