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while that should be true, a page long? Some are rather self explanatory
Well, its a guideline, not a hard and fast rule (how does one define a page anyway?). But people should take the time to explain it and make the discussion interesting.

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can you go into more detail on that one? Would Lich King vs. sauron be Gaming or Media
It would all depend, a match up of comic superheroes that either only exist in comics or only involving the comic book versions would go in comics, a discussion involving real life animals would most certainly not go in media.

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I dunno, people might look at it and think "Huh? Rawhide? Nah... it can't be..."
Precisely the humour value I was going for. I intend to change the topic to something more reasonable after a time.

EDIT: Oh no! Lilly changed it on me!