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    Default Re: Codename: Swampgas, Like Frostburn, but with Swamps

    As far as measurement for balance goes, I used a race feature point system to determine it. Level Adjustment +0 should be 10 to 14 points:

    Con +2|+4
    Dex -2|-4
    Int -2|-4
    Blindsense 5ft.|+6
    Head Snake Weapon|1 + 1 + 4 = +6
    Intimidate +4|+2
    Cha skills -4|-4
    Poison 1/day|+2
    Scent (6th level)|6 x (2/3)^3 = +2
    Flesh to Stone (12th level)|21 x (2/3)^6 = +2[/table]

    For a total of 10 points, making it on the low end of a balanced LA +0. I could maybe add +2 Cha to bring it up to a solid 14, but I'm fairly happy with it the way it is. Anyway, mental ability bonuses are pretty controversial, even if they aren't that unbalanced.

    Seem reasonable?

    EDIT: Oooh, nice spells! Mind if I grab that Flesh to Mud and exchange the stheno's SLA for it? It would fit great with the theme and help differentiate them from 'mini-medusa'.
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