aaaaaaaand I'm back. These days was wonderful, but now it's time to do my part again.

My to-do list, updated. If any of the stuff I made need tweaking, just tell me.

Traps: I know they are not as in SS and FB, but they're enough in my opinion: addiotional traps would be only variations of them, but If anybody wants to add some more, no problem: the rules of trapmaking are in the d20 SRD. Expect some dungeon features soon, although I reputee the swamps more a wild enviroment than a dungeon enviroment.

Gear: I've fixed the sharkthoot sword, now is less powerful but is worth a feat anyway.
I'll make some other adventuring tool, a vehicle and a magical item.

I knew I said I was going to make a PrC, but right now I can't come up with a good concept. Maybe I'll delay this.

Adventure sites: needs work and probably I will leave this for later.

Meanwhile, I think I'll concentrate on monsters again. I'm afraid I can't really help with magic, I'm no expert (maybe I can give some ideas, but I leave to you the spell stats).