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    Ok. I know, I know. I said I was gonna do something and now I'm doing something else. My bad. But the ideas came and I could't let them go.
    Here's some

    Swamp Deities


    The Swamp Deities reflect the savage and multiform nature of the swamps: some of them are cruel, some others are just indifferent of the fate of their own worshippers. Here's the most common deities in swamp enviroments.

    The Mud Horror
    Braksha is the lord of aberrations and evils that dwells the swamp. Is the one who wants to spread disease and desperation among lands. It appears as a continuously changing mass of mud and corpse parts: no one knows his true form, and is most likely that he doesn't have any. His worshippers are creatures wedded to destruction and evil. His cult is secret in cities and civilizated lands.

    He Who Walks With Winds
    Eddard is the blesser of all the swamp travellers. He appears as a young man with blonde hair, wearing a single glove and a single boot. He walks fast, moving towards the marshes quickly and stopping to help adventurers in trouble sometime. He has a passion for poetry and music and many bards worship him, together with good rangers, rogues and sorcerors. His worshippers and cult is dedicated to travel continuously: stable temples of Eddard do not exist.

    The Last Lover
    Eleiomon is the gooddes of all the swamp nymphs, dryads and feys. She appears as an incredibly beautyful woman with a green skin and hair made of algas. Although she is not evil and protects nature and animals, she is capable of evil acts: she often release her anger without reason, of attracts men with her stunning beauty just to drive them to madness. Her cult is common among feys, wilderness tribes, druids and sorcerors. Female worshippers are more common.

    The Fire Purifier
    Kodes is the goddes of purification, hunt and order. She is an huntress that dedicates her life to eliminate the perils and the aberration of the swamp. She appears as a beatyful but harsh lady dressed in red and gold, wielding a long spear and using gold arrows. Her worshippers are common among rulers, leaders, good rangers, paladins and other law-oriented character. Her cult is concentrated almost only in the most civilizied cities, the places that mantain the order against the savagery of the swamp.

    Lord of Unnoticed Events
    Maas is the father of all the swamp plants, from the high oak to the little clovers. He appears as a enormous grey willow tree. His purpose is to protect life and renawal and to stop the disease and the undeath to infect the lifeforms. He does not have a humanoid appearence and doesn't communicate with his worshippers directly, although gives them signs in the plants shape and position. His cult is mostly present into the wilderness, and is one of the most favouite deity of druid and rangers.

    The Three Eyed Greed
    Margan is the god of avarice and trickery. He appears as an multiform humanoid form with a mask with three eyes, but many says that his true form is reptile. He travels from city to city, moving through the sewers, tricking and tempting merchants and nobles to obtain what he wants. He does never show himself during the nightime. His personal treasure is legendary. Margan is whorshipped by greedy merchants, thiefs, wizards and anyone with a lust for gold.

    Lord of Fangs and Tails
    Nyami is the snake god that dwells the lakes and the rivers of the swamp, lord of all animals of the marshes. Little is know about him: he appears as a mastodontic serpent with fish fins, he does not seem to care much about the humanoid creatures and his wrath is unstoppable when someone damages his proteges without a reason. Many savage tribes, and especially barbarians among them, worship him due to his strength and power.

    Drowned's Bride
    RÓn is the lady of the swamp death. She appears as a woman dressed is white veils that dredges up the black waters with his net, costantly searching for dead creatures. She is the goodess of obscure knowledge and necromancy. The costant contact with the death gives her an enormous knowledge about living and nonliving things. Many wizards worship her due to her wisdom, although some fear her neverending desire for death beings.

    The Glowing Night
    Toloth is the god of swamp nights. He appears as a green glowing figure, a branch or plant-like creature with an humanoid resemblance. He is an expert of all the substance magic propreties and a protector of his domains. He does not allow disobedience or deference from anyone. Worshipped mostly by rangers, druids, wizards and sorcerors, he does never show himself in daylight. His purpose is to protect and convey his secrets to the worthy ones.

    {table="head"]Deity|Alignment|Domains|Simbol|Favored Weapon
    Braksha|CE|Chaos, Destruction, Evil|Rotten Hearth|Sabre
    Eddard|CG|Air, Luck, Travel|Single Glove and Boot|Dagger
    Eleiomon|CN|Chaos, Magic, Trickery|Red Leaf|Whip
    Kodes|LG|Fire, Law, War|Golden Arrow|Spear or Longbow
    Maas|NG|Good, Plant, Protection|Grey Tree|Mace
    Margan|NE|Evil, Sun, Trickery|Three-eyed Mask|Trident
    Nyami|NN|Animal, Strength, Water|Snake with Fish Fins|Any Natural
    RÓn|LE|Death, Knowledge, Water|Eye with Skull Iris|Net
    Toloth|LN|Earth, Healing, Magic|Branch-like Hand|Axe

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