I had created a different 2d10 variant for my own campaign, and in my opinion, it is far superior to the 3d6 because...
A) Luck DOES play some part. Getting average, average, average reduces it to no luck at all, which isn't fun at all.
B) You need less modifications - mine made truly critical success and failure an almost-never (If you get a 20, roll 1d2/flip a coin. 1 or tails, it's a critical failure. 2 or heads, critical success.) and I actually didn't change the criticals at all; they simply ended up marginalized. If you use the 3.5 and such non-stacking rules for critical improvements, it works.

True criticals became very rare, but I added a few feats allowing extra dice for beating an AC by such-and-such amount to simulate 'lesser' criticals. This one looks more balanced, but also more complex, which isn't something needed in DnD... I would reccomend dumping the critical multiplier changes, and maybe simply add one to all critical ranges. (20 becomes 19-20, 19-20 becomes 18-20, 18-20 becomes 17-20..) Since this is reducing luck, that seems reasonable. Yes?