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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfryd View Post
    Your complaint was that personal skill is insignificant next to the roll itself until mid levels, which is entirely true, but stems from the average roll made on the dice (11 or 10.5,) being much larger than your skill modifier, and has nothing to do with the probability distribution. If you want to fix that, you need to scale the average roll made, not how frequently that particular number comes up.
    Partially true. If the probability of getting 9-13 is much higher then, say, a 2 or 18 then the chances of your character making that DC 20 check are considerably more dependant on his abilities. 11 is only more 'average' on a d20 because there are more numbers 'close' to it (10,9,8/12,13,14) as opposed to a 20 (19,18,17).

    I always considered this to be an overcomplication of the system, but as for being overpowered? Look, realistically speaking, if someone stabs you in the heart, you are dead, regardless of these so-called 'hit points' that high-level characters lug around. Think of it as a built in Massive Damage system.
    You just admitted that it is overpowered but (in your opinion) more realistic. You are basically saying that you feel everyone should just be doing more damage, for the heck of it and that the HP-system shouldn't be used. That hardly refutes my point, and in fact demonstrates the lack of viability of your suggestion. (it doesnt work with the current system, which you seem to dislike)

    If you want to incorporate different crit multipliers, simply apply it to the first crit confirmation. (Of course, a system of Dodge/Parry skills would probably be needed to balance things out properly.)
    Great, lets totally overly complicate the system and make combat reliant on a series of tables and 4+ rolls to figure out a simple attack. I bet that sounds like fun to you, but its laughable to me.

    Oh- another suggestion- apply strength bonus to damage rolls only, but allow margin of success on your attack roll to boost damage instead. Apply dex bonus to all attack rolls, but cap maximum dexterity by damage die in a fashion similar to armour caps. This forces players to trade off between high-damage, low-to-hit weapons (like greatswords,) or low-damage, high-to-hit weapons (like rapiers.)
    Sorry, guess we weren't done, we needed more tables and overcomplication. Let's remove one element of simulation which is straightforward and internally-consistant and introduce like 5 that aren't?

    I don't know what RPG you are trying to play, but its far-and-away not 3.5 D&D. It's a bit closer to 2ed AD&D (you should go play that).

    My intention with this variant is to change a fundamental mechanic to a very-slightly more complicated one in order to reduce luck, increase realisim (both in gameplay and in the system in general), and generally improve the fun of those playing my games.
    As opposed to completely destroying the game with unwieldy mechanics that are not internally-consistant.
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