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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfryd View Post

    What I find laughable personally is that- while his may have escaped you- when it comes to fixing balance and realism in D&D, adding 2d10 mechanics is waaaay down the list.
    "Please do note that in part of my work I have done extensive spell patching and moderately extensive class work as well." (In my OP)

    I assure you this is part of a larger effort, and one of many steps I am taking to improve my game.

    but at least this kind of system puts melee characters on a par with primary casters when it comes to sheer damage capacity. Didn't think of that, huh?
    Sure I did. For one, that benefit is not wroth bogging down the system in (4? 5?) layers of complexity.

    For another, you then screw them over with MAD cause you need dex to hit in melee, as well as ranged. Also, you now overpower Dex as a stat.

    Finally, did you consider that monsters generally have much higher attack bonuses and damage, but far less attacks then a party? Thus, under your system they would get many more attacks and deal much more damage, essentially screwing over a CR-appropriate encounter.

    Of course, you could rework the entire CR system of every monster, and also re-calculate/rework every entry to function with the new (complicated and likely confusing) combat system. No thanks.
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