Sure I did. For one, that benefit is not wroth bogging down the system in (4? 5?) layers of complexity.
As I clarified, there is no such overwhelming burden. It's basically an opposed skill check. I assure you that GURPS gets along just fine with fewer rules than D&D.
For another, you then screw them over with MAD cause you need dex to hit in melee, as well as ranged. Also, you now overpower Dex as a stat.
Actually, the existing guidelines for race bonuses state that Strength is worth about 33% more than Dex, so that's not such a problem. Besides, you can compensate by removing Dex bonus to AC, as you now have a Dodge skill which serves much the same purpose as touch AC, and Strength can be used to govern the effectiveness of many ranged weapons.
Of course, you could rework the entire CR system of every monster, and also re-calculate/rework every entry to function with the new (complicated and likely confusing) combat system. No thanks.
If you don't want to go to that much trouble, fine, but don't call the idea laughable in principle simply because it's incompatible with large amounts of pre-existing crap.
"Please do note that in part of my work I have done extensive spell patching and moderately extensive class work as well." (In my OP)

I assure you this is part of a larger effort, and one of many steps I am taking to improve my game.
Wonderful. Let's hear it then.