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If you don't want to go to that much trouble, fine, but don't call the idea laughable in principle simply because it's incompatible with large amounts of pre-existing crap.

Wonderful. Let's hear it then.
I think that is the cause of our disagreement. I am suggesting we use different tires, you want a completely different type of vehicle.

As for my other changes, my Tome of House Rules is currently 27 pages long (generously spaced but only 12 font mostly). Anything in particular you would like to see? More skill changes perhaps? (you liked my language system in the other thread)


There is a REASON I didn't put all that math in my OP. :) Such is not my strong point.

"Do you want modifiers to the d20 and difficulty to be roughly 1.4 times as important? Because you did that, regardless of your goal one way or other."

While exactly 1.4x wasn't my specific intention, the general idea was. I am fine with that.

As for the rest of your math, I don't have the motivation to break open my Math 30 text to try to understand and proofread what you did, but I appreciate the idea.

I understand that I am somewhat marginalizing criticals, and that is partly intentional. I am trying to give a 'nood' to them regardless, to not completely shaft that element of the system.

I don't want to discount what seems to be a extremely good critique of my proposal, but I simply don't have a good enough command of math to fully appreciate what you are saying, and simply seeing your conclusions isn't good enough for me to change my system.