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This is really cool. Dinosaurs + Tome of Battle = AWESOME.

Prerequisites seem pretty harsh, though. Normally I'd complain about it being druid-only, but since you require shapeshift, and even build off of it, I can't.

It seems like it gets a whole lot of stuff, but I guess most ToB prestige classes are like that. It loses two spellcasting levels, one right off the bat, so I suppose it's alright.

Nice job!

EDIT: The 'living in the wild' prerequisite should maybe get reworded. As it sits, it's basically impossible to enter this class in an ongoing campaign, since if you enter a town or something you fail. I mean, it works for campaigns where you start at a higher level after you've already entered the class, but it's pretty much impossible to have an existing adventurer go into it. If that makes any sense.
I changed it a little, hopefully fixing it.

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*is too busy laughing at picture to properly criticize the class*

I— *giggles* —am going to give you a zero— *laughs* —out of ten for subjecting me to this torturous laughter!

*rolls on floor, laughing*