I don't know anything about the scout class but, I think that archery can be useful if used correctly. As everything else it has both positive and negative points.

The ability to hit your enemies at at distance without them being able to get near you is quite effective in my opinion, and when combined with one or two strong melee fighters ranged combat can provide excellent support. Then there are enchanted arrows and the possibility of poisoning arrows. This will enhance the support build.

However, close range combat is the archer's greatest weakness. Which is why you should always come up with a back up plan if that happens. Also, enclosed areas make archery harder. Most of the time the party will be ahead of you blocking any clean shots.

Currently, I am using a character that specializes in ranged combat with a longbow. At least for me archery has proved very useful. For close combat I duel wield short swords. The build I use is mainly a support character but he can fight if he needs to and quite well too.