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    Archer base damage sucks. But there are ways around that. And a proper Archer build can get some crazy good chance to hit.

    Archer builds I like:

    Ranger/Beastmaster 1/Woodland Rider or something-Mounted Archery, and have your mount run people down too.

    Scout 4/Ranger 16-Swift Ambusher, Greater Manyshot, or ways to move full attack.

    Rogue 19/Fighter Rogue 1-SA, all the way. take feats that help SA. Take Mage slayer and Pierce Magical concealment, use a ring of blinking. SA full attack every round against 95% of foes.

    Zen Archery feat or something Wisdom for ranged to hit.

    Str governs damage, Wisdom governs spells, Dex to hit, now down to two stats to pump.

    Ranger 20-Zen Archery, Pump Str and Wisdom. Better casting, more damage on shots. Perfect. Make sure you use the Spell Compendium.

    Paladin 20-Zen Archery, Full Plate, Mounted Archery from your Mount, and Sanctified or something that changes Cha abilities to Wisdom too.

    Just regular old Fighter, but take Zen Archery, pump Wis and Str, Decent Con, Combat Focus feats from PHB II, get the Full Fighter line up of feats for your bow, including the Masteries from PHB II. Now you can full attack with your bow with no penalty while being grappled, you do pretty good damage. Focus on Full attacking with Rapid Shot, Haste, and anything else you can get. Take some of the so many good archery feats out there.

    Feats-Splatbooks are a must, what else is new.

    PrCs- /cry. Nothing.

    Items- A bow of +1 Splitting, whatever else, have Greater Magic Weapon cast on it. Arrows of +1 followed by one other enchant. Have 10 of everything and a Quiver of Elhonna. Bane Arrows are your friend, followed by Bursts of each type, use especially against anything that might be weak (Red Dragon? Have an Ice Arrow. In the Snow, Fire Arrow. It's like specializing in UMD, except you attack it to an arrow ad you have high BAB instead of using touch attacks.)

    Power level- Obviously none of these is full caster good, but they can take most things of their CR. And by doing enough damage at higher levels, even things with DR, though DR can be a sticking point since many archer build specialize in always full attacking for lots of little damage that adds up.
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