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Also, Races of Stone has the Cragtop Archer, and while that's not actually a very good prestige class in a party situation, it makes for a killer sniper; with Far Shot and a composite longbow enchanted with the Distance property, you can shoot people from about a mile away. And hit. Not much use in a party because you generally don't start that far away from your enemy, but it's still nifty.
This could be a very interesting encounter. Three cragtop archers, splitting, rapid shot and manyshot, all fire on an adventuring group trying to get to the mountain the archers are on.

Also, I just did the math for splitting, manyshot, rapidshot ranger 20. 112 damage/round, with something like shock, that becomes 160/round. That's with a +1 splitting, shocking composite longbow and str. 14. With all the gold you get by 20th, I'm sure you could get a lot more damage involved.