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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Snark View Post
    Hmmm, so it does. Didn't notice that part of the Cragtop Archer.

    Dancing Mongoose is okay, but it's 1 extra attack, useable once; warblades only get to recover their maneuvers after melee attacks or after taking a standard action to do nothing, and swordsages will be using Adaptive Style as usual. But if you're forgoing a full attack to recover, you've just lost three attacks. At higher levels, I imagine it does get better, but you've still only got those three offensive maneuvers. The defenses are nice, though, that's an advantage over a fighter or ranger. Downside is that you'll need to multiclass or be an elf to be proficient with the bow.
    That's all true. One thing though, instead of either, you can also burn a feat on Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Greatbow, which you'll probably want anyways if you're going for extreme ranges (base increment of 130' and that gets 1.5x with Far Shot). My personal preferred method is using those Fighter ACFs from Dragon, Targeteer or Exoticist; Targeteer gets 2 Exotic Ranged Weapon Proficiencies and one Martial Ranged Weapon, while Exoticist gives you 4 Exotic Weapon Proficiencies for your Martial Proficiencies. That gets you Greatbow-proficiency essentially for free. Amusingly enough Crusader has full Martial Weapon Proficiencies (including Bows), but since it doesn't get Tiger Claw OR Diamond Mind, I suppose it's out of the question.

    And yea, you also get White Raven Tactics as a Warblade on level 5, which is definitely a worthy method of using your turns. Also, that Weapon Supremacy is friggin' awesome idea. I want to make a Warblade 16/Fighter 4 now and pick up Weapon Supremacy on level 20. And shoot people with a friggin' Greatbow in melee.
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