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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamondeye View Post
    If you're going to go with a ToB class as part of an archery build, I'd definitely go for swordsage. You can then take Zen Archery and pump WIS for both your AC and archery attack bonues, and strength for damage and melee. With a 2-hander you can skip weapon finesse and get more mileage out of it than you would have if you needed a high dexterity.

    I'd probably take 4 levels of Ranger right off the bat so as to be able to take 2nd level maneuvers when you first get swordsage, then a second level of swordsage, and alternate Ranger and swordsage levels after that until reaching the desired level in each class. If I were emphasizing primarily archery, I'd probably go swordsage 8/Ranger 12 as the final goal.
    Worth noting though that Warblade-levels qualify you for Ranged Weapon Mastery, which is generally a worthy feat for builds that plan on shooting huge hails of arrows at long ranges.

    Also, Dex goes to AC anyways, and that's without a feat. All the Zen Archery-build does is enable use of save-requiring maneuvers, but generally you'll be just fine just not giving them saving throws.
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