New Artifact

Sphere of Mystery:
Price: N/A
Body Slot: None (held)
Caster Level: 21st
Aura: Overwhelming; (DC 25) universal.
Activation: one minute (manipulation)

This item appears to be nothing more than an orb of swirling shadows, but is solid enough to be picked up. When you stick your hand inside of it, you feel various switches, knobs, and levers floating through the orb

This orb is a powerful artifact of shadow. In order to operate successfully, you must first cast a mystery or a spell of the shadow subschool into the orb. An attempt to press a button, push a swith, or pull a lever without doing so deals 5d6 damage to the holder. After inserting shadow into the orb, the holder may make a dc 40 use magic device check. Upon success, an arcane caster who put in a spell gets a free wish spell, a divine caster who put in a spell gets a free miracle spell, or a mystery-user who put in a mystery gets a free desires manifest mystery. The use magic device check takes one minute to perform, provoking attacks of opportunity each round. Each time beyond the first that a single caster attempts to utilize the orb, there is a cumulative 5% chance that the orb of mystery turns into an sphere of annihilation upon completion, destroying the holder.
Prerequisites: N/A
Cost to Create: N/A