Shadow Charm
I was looking around at all of the various things that a “strategic caster” would need and there was one thing that I couldn’t find. I originally designed it as a single item in my head but it grew into its own category of items. Although I have decided to name them shadow charms, their true identity sounds so much better to me…remote detonators.

Enchant Shadow Charm
You can create the small items known as shadow charms.
Prerequisites: Caster level 1st
Benefit: You can create any shadow charm whose prerequisites you meet. Crafting a shadow charm takes one day for each 1,000 gp in its base price. To craft a shadow charm, you must spend 1/25 of its base price in XP and use up raw materials costing one-half its base price.

Using Shadow Charms
Each Shadow Charm is crafted to hold a specific mystery with an area or a target, and a shadow charm only functions for an individual that has been carrying it for at least 24 hours, after which time the individual (if a shadow magic user) learns the identity of the contained mystery. After that period, its owner may place it down on the ground (dropping an item is a free action, as normal, although more time may be taken to hide it well). At anytime within 24 hours of leaving it, its owner may cause the spell within it to activate. If the owner wills it to activate from within 100 feet of it, it takes a mere standard action. If it is willed to activate from further, the owner must spend a full-round action, provoking attacks of opportunity, to give up one of their own daily uses of the contained mystery (for this reason, only shadow magic users can activate them from a distance, although no use magic device check is needed to do so). Shadow Charms may not be activated from across planar boundaries. When a Shadow Charm activates, if it holds an area effect, it is centered upon the square holding the Shadow Charm, or, in the case of a cone, emanates from it in a random direction. If it holds a targeted effect, it effects any creature in its square, or a random adjacent target (who gets a +2 bonus on any saving throw allowed) if no appropriate target resides in its square. It can only be activated once.

Finding Shadow Charms
Finding Shadow Charms is a tricky business. The base search dc to find one is 10+spell level, which is increased by +5 in shadowy illumination or by +10 in darkness. In addition, anyone using detect magic or mystic reflections must make a spellcraft check (DC 15+spell level), although more powerful divinations such as analyze dweomer automatically locate them. In addition to mundane destruction (1 HP, Hardness 2, Break DC 15) or dispelling, a successful disable device check (DC 20+spell level) removes the connection between a shadow charm and its latest owner, effectively disarming it.

Shadow Charm Pricing
The base price of a shadow charm is 100 x spell level x caster level