Magical Locations
Iíve never before made a single magical location and I can admit it. Even so, for the sake of being overly thorough, letís make a good 4 of them.

Shrine of Dark Winds
As the well-versed planar scholar knows, everything reflects off of the Plane of Shadow, including divinity and worship, as the Cultist demonstrates. In some places, however, this reflected divinity groups together, forming tangible winds of divine energy. In the center of these, either built by the winds or by those who have visited them, are usually shrines, dedicated to the raw divinity of the area. Although the area is not necessarily divinely morphic, any being can feel that the wind in such places is ďdifferentĒ.
Lore: Characters can gain the following pieces of information about a shrine of dark winds by making Knowledge (the planes) checks at the appropriate DCs, as given below.
DC 15: A shrine of dark winds is a site where concentrated divine energy flows on the Plane of Shadow.
DC 20: A shrine of dark winds gives up its power to any who know how to call upon divinityís shadow, but its location shifts awfully fast, even compared to the norm on the plane of shadow.
DC 25: Anyone who calls upon a [I]shrine of dark winds[I] gains the power to call otherworldly creatures to their aid.
Description: No two shrines of dark winds look exactly the same. Some of them possess a white marble cathedral in their center while others possess a crude sacrificial slab. Regardless of the actual shrineís appearance, it is hard to mistake a shrine of dark winds due to the visible black winds that blow about them.
Prerequisite: In order to acquire the power of a shrine of dark winds, one must possess the patronís gift ability, the patronís weapon alternate ability, or must possess the shadow domain (see Ebberon Campaign Setting).
Location Activation: Claiming the power of a shrine of dark winds is as simple as praying before the shrine within, which requires a full-round action and provokes attacks of opportunity. A shrine of dark winds can only bestow its power to one individual before needing to recharge.
Recharge: Once a shrine of dark winds has conferred its ability on a creature, it cannot confer is again for 30 days. Finding it again at the end of that time may be a problem, however, as a shrine of dark winds shifts its location much faster than most features on the Plane of Shadows, as if blown onwards by the dark winds themselves.
Special Ability: Once per day, as a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, the one attuned to the shrine can summon any outsider with half as many hit dice as themselves. The outsider called gains the dark template and serves the one who calls it for 1 minute/level. Much like other summoning effects, killing the creature called forth does not truly kill it and creatures summoned lose all abilities to summon further creatures.
Duration: The conferred ability lasts for 30 days.
Aura: Strong; (DC 21) Conjuration
Ability Value 2,500 gp

Gengardon Runes
It is said that Gengardon was kept running by a strange, runic magic. The only support for this theory, aside from a few shadowgaunt memories of bright lights and strange symbols, is an event that occurs every year. Once per year, strange runes manifest themselves in one small part of the ruined metropolis. There is always a giant clamor on this date, both by shadowgaunts and others, to reach this locale and steal its power for themselves.
Lore: Characters can gain the following pieces of information about Gengardon Runes by making Knowledge (the planes) checks at the appropriate DCs, as given below.
DC 15: It is said that in the ruined shadow metropolis of Gengardon, strange runes manifest once per year in a random area.
DC 20: Each year, there is a gigantic clamor to reach the runes, both by strangers and Gengardonís former inhabitants. It is said that the process of claiming the power only requires sufficient personal power and the will to take the power in.
DC 25: The runes grant the inheritor of their power a limited measure of protection from attacks.
Description: The Gengardon Runes, it is said, never appear in the same place twice. It is also said that they never take the exact same shape twice. Even so, the Gengardon runes always shed a violet glow with the brightness of a candle and everyone gazing at them intrinsically knows that they are there for protection and how to take their power, if they are powerful enough to take said power, that is. Whenever the power is called upon, similar runes appear upon their body, warding off harm.
Prerequisite: Only a character with 5 or more character levels can benefit from Gengardon runes, and only if they can claim its power before someone else does.
Location Activation: All that a character must do to claim the power of the Gengardon runes is place their hands on a rune and will the power to course through them, a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.
Recharge: Once Gengardon runes have conferred its ability onto another, it remains inactive for 1 year.
Special Ability: As an immediate action, the beneficiary of Gengardon runes may lower the amount of damage taken to them from any source by their Charisma modifier (minimum 1)
Duration: The benefits of Gengardon runes last until its effects have been used seven times. One person can gain the benefits of Gengardon runes more than once, gaining seven additional uses each time.
Aura: Moderate; (DC 18) Abjuration
Ability Value: 6,500 gp

Deep Darkness
There are some long-forgotten places within the Plane of Shadow where it makes no attempt at mocking the material. In these places, the Plane of Shadow seems to melt as scenes and backgrounds existing nowhere else in the multiverse exist. In some of these places, the Plane of Shadow makes no attempt as mocking matter at all. In these few rare cases, all of the surroundings seem to melt into an utter blackness, which one is forced to swim through. These areas are known by the Croob as the deep darkness
Lore: Characters can gain the following pieces of information about deep darkness by making Knowledge (the planes) checks at the appropriate DCs, as given below.
DC 15: There are some places where the plane of shadow does not possess any matter at all, instead possessing an area of darkness that no light can pierce.
DC 20: It is said that moving through an area of Deep Darkness is akin to swimming through empty air. It is also said that any who spend too much time in Deep Darkness lose their eyes and sense of sight.
DC 25: One who draws upon an area of Deep Darkness for power gains the ability to see without sight.
Description: There is not much to describe about an area in which only darkness exists. All sources of light are extinguished as they pass through the deep darkness, never emerging on the other side. Someone passing through the deep darkness feels themselves floating in thin air, and can move with mere thought. In addition, each hour, a creature possesses a 50% chance of floating either up or down (50% each) 1d4x10 feet without meaning to. As no ground exists below the deep darkness, however, it is possible for a reckless adventurer to get trapped underneath the plane of shadow for a time, although they will most likely have the brains to head back up eventually. The more common problem is adventurers entering the deep darkness, raising themselves several hundred feet above the ground without noticing it, and then trying to leave.
Prerequisite: Only sighted creatures can gain the benefits of deep darkness
Location Activation: A creature can only get the benefits of deep darkness by spending a full day in its depths, at the end of which time the targetís hair (if any) is permanently turned black and their eyes appear to have been wiped off of their face.
Recharge: As soon as one creature has received the conferred ability of deep darkness, it is ready to bestow the benefits upon another. In fact, multiple creatures can use one area of deep darkness at the same time. The simple fact is, not many creatures want to get its benefits.
Special Ability: As long as an affected creature is not in an area of bright light, they gain blindsight out to 60 feet and cannot be flanked. While in an area of bright light, however, the affected creature is rendered blind.
Duration: The conferred ability of deep darkness is permanent, until the affected creature receives the effects of a cure blindness/deafness spell
Aura: Medium; (DC 18) Transmutation
Ability Value: 1,500 gp per benefiting party member.

Frozen Cliffs
Although the Plane of Shadow is constantly shifting, some places occasionally try to move too fast. When a shadowquake is not enough to relieve the seismic stress, a bit of the ground is propelled into the air, forming a bluff or cliff. Furthermore, all creatures in that area are frozen in place and that area does not move for a century or so, giving the impression that the entire area is frozen in time. By slaying the frozen inhabitants of such an area, one can claim the time that the inhabitant was denied. Frozen cliffs often end up as markers on the few maps of the Plane of Shadow that exist, because they arenít likely to move for a long time.
Lore: Characters can gain the following pieces of information about frozen cliffs by making Knowledge (the planes) checks at the appropriate DCs, as given below.
DC 15: There are some places on the plane of shadow where time has been temporarily stopped in order to protect the planeís stability.
DC 20: On such frozen cliffs, time has even stopped for the areaís inhabitants.
DC 25: By slaying an inhabitant of a frozen cliff, you can steal some of their lost time.
Description: A frozen cliff looks no different from any other cliff or bluff, but small hints give it away, such as grass that shatters instead of bending, birds caught in mid-flight over the cliff, and unharmed (and warm) inhabitants that never seem to wake up. Furthermore, while on a frozen cliff, the time of day never appears to change (although this just leads to a more drastic transition when the cliff is left.
Location Activation: To gain the conferred ability of a frozen cliff, all that one must do is kill one of its frozen inhabitants.
Recharge: Any number of inhabitants may be killed at one time to grant multiple creatures the conferred ability, but there is a definite limit to the number of creatures remaining. Generally, a frozen cliff is found with 1d8+2 remaining inhabitants.
Special Ability: Any beneficiary of the frozen cliffs gains time stolen from the slain inhabitant, increasing each of their speeds by 10 ft. In addition, once per day, they may move up to their speed as an immediate action. Doing so removes the speed increase for the rest of the day, however.
Duration: 30 days
Aura: Strong; (DC 21) Transmutation
Ability Value 10,000-100,000 gp (10,000 gp per remaining individual)