Epic Feats

Name                         Prerequisites                           Benefits
Bonus Mystery                —                                       You learn an additional mystery
Counterspell Mastery         Spellcraft 30 ranks                     Counter spells using any mystery of the appropriate level.
Dampening Aura               The ability to cast 9th-level           All spells cast within 10 feet take –4 penalty to their caster level
Impeding Aura                Dampening Aura, the ability to cast     All adjacent spellcasters have their spells impeded.
Destructive Mystery          —                                       Alter a spell to deal untyped damage.
Efficient Metamagic          Any twelve metamagic feats              Applying metamagic no longer extends casting time.
Epic Shadowcasting           Spellcraft 24 ranks, Knowledge          Cast epic mysteries.
                             (the planes) 24 ranks, ability to
                             cast 9th-level mysteries.
Extraordinary Mystery        —                                       You can use one mystery as an extraordinary ability
Greater Line of Shadow       Line of Shadow                          Can cast mysteries against foe without line of sight or line of effect more effectively.
Guarded by Shadows           Shadow Guardian (Mind Blank)            You add your charisma modifier to your AC and saving throws.
Improved Nocturnal Caster    Nocturnal Caster                        Bonus from nocturnal caster applies to all mysteries or all spells.
Superior Nocturnal Caster    Nocturnal Caster, Improved Nocturnal    Gain bonus to caster level of mysteries at night.
                             Caster, the ability to cast 9th-level
Improved Quicken Mystery     Quicken Mystery                         Can cast quickened mysteries as a free action. 
Living Phantom               Charisma 25, Shadow Guardian            You can become incorporeal for 5 rounds each day
                             (Mind Blank) or Night Form
Opportunistic Mystery        Combat Reflexes, Spellcraft 25 ranks    Can use a mystery instead of taking an attack of opportunity.
Piercing Mystery             —                                       Cause a mystery to bypass spell resistance.
Shadow Ritual                Epic Shadowcasting, Shadow Guardian     You can use mitigating factors with your epic mysteries.
                             (Mind Blank)              
Unlock Shadows               Ability to cast 6th-level mysteries,    You can learn and cast master mysteries.
                              Patron’s Gift or Patron’s Weapon