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    Bonus Mystery [Epic]
    You have unlocked additional shadow magic.
    Benefit: You learn an extra mystery. You must still learn paths in order if your class requires you to do so.

    Counterspell Mastery [Epic]
    You have a mastery at countering spells.
    Prerequisites: Spellcraft 30 ranks
    Benefit: You may counter a spell by giving up a daily use of any mystery of an equal or higher spell level.

    Efficient Metashadow [Epic]
    You can utilize metashadow feats using less time.
    Prerequisites: Any twelve metashadow feats
    Benefit: Whenever you apply one or more metashadow feats that would extend casting time to a full-round action to any mystery, it is instead cast as a standard action. The quicken mystery metashadow feat may not be applied to such as mystery.

    Epic Shadowcasting [Epic]
    You can use shadows to create epic effects.
    Prerequisites: Spellcraft 24 ranks, Knowledge (the planes) 24 ranks, ability to cast 9th-level mysteries.
    Benefit: You may now develop and cast epic mysteries.

    Extraordinary Mystery [Epic]
    You can turn your mysteries into completely mundane effects.
    Benefit: select one mystery you can use as a supernatural ability. You gain an extra daily use of that mystery and can cast it as an extraordinary ability, meaning that it can be cast even in antimagic zones or dead magic zones. It can still affect incorporeal creatures like a supernatural ability.

    Dampening Aura [Epic]
    You emanate an aura that warps normal magic.
    Prerequisites: The ability to cast 9th-level mysteries
    Benefit: All spells (but not mysteries) cast within 10 feet of yourself gain a Ė4 penalty to their caster level.

    Destructive Mystery [Epic, Metashadow]
    You can force your damage to damage those who might otherwise ignore it.
    Benefit: Once per day, you can apply the effect of the destructive mystery feat to any mystery you cast. A destructive mystery converts all elemental and nonlethal damage normally deal into untyped lethal damage.
    Casting a destructive mystery is a full-round action.
    Special: You can take this feat multiple times.

    Greater Line of Shadow [Epic]
    You can cast mysteries without line of sight or line of effect to the target.
    Prerequisites: Line of Shadow
    Benefit: You may use line of shadow one additional time per day. In addition, you may use it after any amount of time has past since you last had line of sight or line of effect, so long as the target is in or adjacent to the last square in which you saw them. The target no longer gets a bonus on their save if you delay the casting of the mystery.

    Guarded By Shadow [Epic]
    Youíre shadow deflects physical blows from your body and protects you.
    Prerequisites:Shadow Guardian (Mind Blank)
    Benefit: You add your wisdom modifier as a deflection bonus to your AC and as a resistance bonus to all saving throws.

    Impeding Aura [Epic]
    The core of your aura impedes normal magic.
    Prerequisites: Dampening Aura, The ability to cast 9th-level mysteries
    Benefit: Adjacent spellcasters cannot cast spells unless you allow them too or if they succeed on an opposed caster level check against you.

    Improved Nocturnal Caster [Epic]
    You gain more power at night.
    Prerequisites: Nocturnal Caster
    Benefit: At night, the save DCs of all spells or mysteries known increase by +1. This bonus overlaps with (does not stack with) the bonus from Nocturnal Caster.
    Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Its effects stack.

    Improved Quicken Mystery [Epic]
    You can utilize several mysteries in quick succession.
    Prerequisites: Quicken Mystery
    Benefit: When you cast a quickened mystery, it is cast as a free action instead of as a swift action, but you may only cast a number of quickened mysteries each round equal to your charisma modifier.

    Living Phantom [Epic]
    Your shadows can pull you into themselves to protect you from harm.
    Prerequisites: Charisma 25, Shadow Guardian (Mind Blank) or Night Form
    Benefit: You may spend 5 rounds each day incorporeal (applying the normal incorporeal traits). This ability is activated as an immediate action and is ended as a free action. The 5 rounds need not be continuous.
    Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Each time it is taken, you may spend 5 consecutive rounds incorporeal each day.

    Opportunistic Mystery [Epic]
    You can use any opening to cast another mystery
    Prerequisites: Combat Reflexes, Spellcraft 25 ranks
    Benefit: Whenever you could make an attack of opportunity, you may instead cast a mystery. No metashadow feats may be applied to this mystery.

    Piercing Mystery [Epic, Metashadow]
    You can force a mystery to pierce through your enemyís defenses.
    Benefit: Once per day, you can apply the effect of the piercing mystery feat to any mystery you cast. A piercing mystery ignores its targetís Spell Resistance, if any would apply.
    Casting a piercing mystery is a full-round action.
    Special: You can take this feat multiple times.

    Shadow Ritual [Epic]
    You can mitigate the difficulty of epic mysteries.
    Prerequisites: Epic Shadowcasting, Shadow Guardian (Mind Blank)
    Benefit: You may make use of mitigating factors in the development of your mysteries, using table 2-3 of the Epic Level Handbook

    Superior Nocturnal Caster [Epic]
    You can draw upon night as only shadow magic can.
    Prerequisites: Nocturnal Caster, Improved Nocturnal Caster, The ability to cast 9th-level mysteries.
    Benefit: At night, the caster level of all mysteries you cast gets a +1 bonus.
    Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Its effects stack.

    Unlock Shadows [Epic]
    You can unlock greater feats of shadow than is normal for cultists.
    Prerequisites: Ability to cast 6th-level mysteries, Patronís Gift or Patronís Weapon
    Benefit: You may learn and cast Master mysteries.
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