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    Epic Shadowcasting:
    Once it has been developed, an epic mystery becomes tied to the mystery-user’s spiritual shadow by a bit of their life force. An epic mystery-user can have as many epic mysteries known at any time equal to one tenth of their added ranks in knowledge (arcana) and knowledge (the planes). Each epic mystery is usable once per day as an extraordinary ability and can be learned multiple times (with a +2 competence bonus on all checks to develop it for each time it has been successfully developed. Epic mysteries affect incorporeal creatures as if they were supernatural abilities. Repeated developments of epic mysteries count towards the mystery-user’s limit).
    In order to cast an epic mystery, they must make a spellcraft check against the epic mystery’s dc. As their life force is holding onto each epic mystery, the expenditure of epic mysteries weakens them and the results of the spellcraft check determine not only success or failure but how much of that life force was retained. With a successful spellcraft check, the epic mystery is successfully cast and the mystery-user is merely fatigued for one hour (any successive epic shadowcasting within this time renders the mystery-user exhausted for an hour). With a failed spellcraft check, the daily use of the epic mystery is wasted and the mystery-user loses two points of constitution (or dexterity, for mystery-users without constitution scores) until they can regain their epic mysteries.
    The casting of an epic mystery causes the mystery-user’s shadow to quake, multiply, and even rise up or ripple as the effects of the epic mystery emerge from it. This display is visible with a DC 0 spot check.
    Metashadow, Items, and Epic Mysteries
    Metashadow feats and other feats that manipulate normal mysteries cannot be used with epic mysteries.
    A character cannot create an item that imitates the effects of an epic mystery. Only major artifacts, beyond the capabilities of even epic characters to create, can house such tremendous power.
    The saving throw against a character’s epic mystery is 10 + 1/2 caster level + relevant ability modifier. It is possibly to create epic mysteries with higher save DCs, however, by applying the proper factors.

    Epic Mystery Terms

    Epic Mystery
    Mysteries that are different from common mysteries. They are normally custom-made and do not come in paths.
    A modification to the base use of a seed, which usually increases the difficulty of casting the mystery.
    Mitigating Factor
    A special factor used in epic spells to make an epic spell easier to cast. No parallel exists with epic mysteries, with the exception of very powerful cultists.
    Every custom made mystery created by characters starts with a base effect called a seed. They are the fundamental building blocks of both epic spells and epic mysteries, although the seeds used for each one are somewhat different in function.
    Epic Mystery Descriptions
    Each epic mystery uses the same format as any other mystery, with two additional entries; Spellcraft DC and To Develop
    Spellcraft DC
    This is the DC of the spellcraft check needed to cast the mystery, as well as the DC for the knowledge and spellcraft check(s) needed to develop the mystery.
    To Develop
    The first part of this entry shows the amount of time, money, and checks that are needed to develop the epic mystery. The rest of the development entry shows the seeds and factors used to create the epic mystery.

    Ancient Fire
    Evocation [Fire]
    Spellcraft DC: 57
    Range: 250 ft.
    Area: 60 ft.-radius emanation
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Saving Throw: Reflex Half and Fortitude Negates
    To Develop:: 5,700 gp; 11 weeks; 11 Knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 57); 3 Spellcraft checks (DC 57). Seeds: rot of shadows (DC 15), terrible frost (DC 15). Factors: effect large or smaller objects (+12 DC), effect all objects within the area (ad hoc +10 DC), fire damage (+5 DC).

    Everything within the area of this mystery takes 10d6 fire damage (Reflex Half). In addition, any large or smaller items within the area (including corpses created due to the fire damage) are completely destroyed, leaving behind no trace. Unattended, mundane items get no saving throw against destructions but attended items and magical items may make fortitude saves to resist the destruction effect.

    Armor of Fear
    Enchantment (Fear) [Mind-affecting]
    Spellcraft DC: 35
    Range: Personal
    Duration: until discharged
    Saving Throw: Will Partial
    To Develop:: 3,500 gp; 7 weeks; 7 Knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 35); 2 Spellcraft checks (DC 35). Seeds: fear of shadows (DC 10). Factors: Contingent trigger (+15 DC), Scare to Death or Shaken (+10 DC)

    The next time that the mystery-user is attacked by a living target, their form appears to their attacker to split open, revealing their worst fear. If the target fails their saving throw, they die of fright. If they succeed, they are instead shaken for 20 minutes (affecting their attack roll).

    Blot Out the Sun
    Evocation [Darkness]
    Spellcraft DC: 67
    Range: 0 ft.
    Area: 500 ft.-radius area
    Duration: 1 hour
    Saving Throw: None
    To Develop:: 6,700 gp; 13 weeks; 13 Knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 67); 4 Spellcraft checks (DC 67) Seeds: seething darkness (DC 14). Factors: allow self to see through darkness (+2 DC), increase area by +2,500% (+50 DC), Increase duration by +100% (+1)

    The area in which this epic mystery is cast becomes pitch black. Darkvision and similar senses still function within it, however. You may see through this area of darkness as if it did not exist.

    Dark Simulacrum
    Conjuration (creation)
    Spellcraft DC: 50
    Range: 50 ft.
    Effect: 1 fabricated double
    Duration: 40 rounds
    Saving Throw: None
    To Develop:: 5,000 gp; 10 weeks; 10 Knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 50); 3 Spellcraft checks (DC 50). Seeds: pulled from darkness (DC 20), hidden in shadows (DC 10). Factors: CR 21 creature (+16 DC), bonus on move silently and disguise checks (+4 DC)

    You create a double of yourself, as you were at 21st level. The double has only 50% of the hit points you possessed at 21st level and deals only 50% of normal damage with its attacks, spells, and other damaging abilities. In addition, all equipment it carries is treated as nonmagical. The double, however, gains the dark template and gains a +10 bonus on hide checks, move silently checks, and disguise checks made to imitate you. You may only possess one Dark Simulacrum at a time.

    Dark Simulacrum, Improved
    Conjuration (creation)
    Spellcraft DC: 250
    Range: 50 ft.
    Effect: 1 fabricated double
    Duration: permanent
    Saving Throw: None
    To Develop:: 25,000 gp; 50 weeks; 50 knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 250); 13 Spellcraft checks (DC 250). Seeds: pulled from darkness (DC 20), hidden in shadows (DC 10). Factors: CR 21 creature (+16 DC), items duplicated (ad hoc +10 DC), 100% real (+50 DC), bonus on move silently and disguise checks (+4 DC), invisible even after attacking (+15 DC), permanent (x2 DC)

    You create a double of yourself, as you were at 21st level. All equipment that it possesses retains any magical ability, but on any round that a possession it was created with (or item created through such a possession, such as a sword made through a fabricated ring of three wishes) leaves its person, that item disappears. The double gains the dark template, gains a +10 bonus on hide checks, move silently checks, and disguise checks made to imitate you, and is permanently invisible to all but you. You may only possess one improved dark simulacrum at a time.

    Eternal Watcher
    Spellcraft DC: 210
    Range: Touch
    Target: 1 living creature
    Duration: Permanent
    Saving Throw: Fortitude Negates
    To Develop:: 21,000 gp; 42 weeks; 42 Knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 210); 11 Spellcraft checks (DC 210). Seeds: warped form (DC 15), unnatural resilience (DC 15), unnatural resilience (DC 15). Factors: Increase damage reduction by 4 (+8 DC), Increase value of damage reduction to epic (+12 DC), increase spell resistance value by 20 (+40 DC), permanent (x2 DC)

    The target instantly goes through a tremendous change to their body. Their type changes to construct, causing them to gain construct traits (including immunities and lack of constitution score). In addition, the target gains damage reduction 5/epic. Lastly, the target is granted spell resistance 30.

    Forest of Self
    Illusion (Figment)
    Spellcraft DC: 55
    Range: 6,000 feet
    Effect: Illusory doubles of mystery-user
    Duration: 20 hours
    Saving Throw: None
    To Develop:: Seeds: Deceptive Shadows (DC 11). Factors: 21 extra images (+21 DC), images automatically respond to attack (ad hoc +2 DC), audible, olfactory, tactile, taste, and thermal aspects included (+10 DC), Cast mysteries from any image (+10 DC)

    The mystery-user creates 22 images of himself or herself, within range. Each one includes audible, olfactory, tactile, taste, and thermal aspects. In addition, they can cast their mysteries from any one of them. Each one acts appropriately to attack without concentration. Each one has an effective number of hit points equal to the mystery-user. After taking that much damage, an illusion appears to die. If any effect would cause an illusion to leave sight (such as being swallowed whole), it is dispelled.

    Frozen Gate
    Evocation (Teleporation) [Cold]
    Spellcraft DC: 39
    Range: 250 feet.
    Area: 60 ft.-radius emanation
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Saving Throw: Reflex Half and Will Negates
    To Develop:: 3,900 gp; 7 weeks; 7 Knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 39); 2 Spellcraft checks (DC 39). Seeds: Shadow’s Escape (DC 20), Terrible Frost (DC 15). Factors: no specified location on Plane of Shadows (ad hoc +2 DC), travel to plane of shadows (+2 DC)

    With this mystery, the mystery-user creates an area of frigid cold, dealing 10d6 cold damage to everyone in the area (Reflex half). In addition, everyone within its area must make a will save or be transported to the plane of shadow.

    Into the Ground
    Conjuration (Teleportation)
    Spellcraft DC: 38
    Range: 100 ft.
    Target: 1 creature
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Saving Throw: Reflex negates
    To Develop:: 3,800 gp; 7 weeks; 7 Knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 38); 2 Spellcraft checks (DC 38). Seeds: shadow’s escape (DC 20). Factors: Travel to any plane (+4), Change Will Save to Reflex Save (+6), designate “subterranean” area (+4), designate that area has no exit (ad hoc +4).

    The target of this mystery, should they fail their reflex save, is teleported into the nearest subterranean air pocket that can hold them and has no exit, even if that area is on another plane. Any possessions they carry are left in their previous location. Depending on the depth and nature of the air pocket, the target may take cold damage or fire damage each round, the amount of which is decided by the DM.

    Mark of Shadow
    Spellcraft DC: 72
    Range: Touch
    Duration: Permanent
    Saving Throw: None
    To Develop:: 7,200 gp; 12 weeks; 12 Knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 72); 3 Spellcraft checks (DC 72). Seeds: unasked questions (DC 18), unasked questions (DC 18). Factors: permanent (x2 DC)

    The touched creature is forever, if intangibly, marked by the mystery-user. The mystery-user always knows the plane of existence on which the creature resides. In addition, once per day as a standard action, the mystery-user can learn, with 90% accuracy, the creature’s intentions for the next half hour (although these intentions may or may not be realized within that time). A mind blank or similar effect blocks this mystery’s effects for its duration, but does not dispel it.

    Shadow Thrall
    Enchantment (Compulsion
    Spellcraft DC: 111
    Range: 50 feet
    Target: One Living Creature
    Duration: Permanent
    Saving Throw: None
    To Develop:: 11,100 gp; 22 weeks; 22 Knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 111); 6 Spellcraft checks (DC 111). Seeds: dark empowerment (DC 12), ebon command (dc 15). Factors: allow harmful and unreasonable tasks (+10 DC), permanent duration (x2 DC), deny saving throws (x2 DC)

    The target becomes a permanent thrall to the mystery-user. No telepathic link is created with the creature and this mystery grants no special ability to communicate with the creature so thralls with different or no languages can only be given simple orders. In addition, so long as it is controlled, the thrall gains the dark template. A subject forced to take actions against its nature receive no further saving throw. Protection from evil or a similar effect can prevent the mystery-user from exercising control while they are protected, but does not prevent the establishment of Shadow Thrall or dispel it. Only one such thrall can be controlled at a time.

    Shattering Shadows
    Spellcraft DC: 34
    Range: 25 feet
    Target: 1 item
    Duration: 1d4 rounds or instantaneous
    Saving Throw: Fortitude partial
    To Develop:: 3,400 gp; 6 weeks; 6 Knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 34); 2 Spellcraft checks (DC 34). Seeds: rot of shadows (DC 15), shade unraveled (DC 15). Factors: +4 bonus on dispel check (+4 DC)

    This mystery has two functions, with one working right after the other. First of all, the mystery-user makes a dispel check against the item. They roll 1d20+15 against a DC of the item’s caster level. Artifacts are subject to this ability. Any item successfully dispelled has its magical properties shut off for 1d4 rounds.
    Secondly, the item, if it is of small size or smaller, is destroyed. An attended or magical item gets a fortitude save to resist this ability. An artifact need not make a saving throw to resist but a temporarily disenchanted artifact does, albeit with a +10 bonus on the saving throw.

    Siphon Life
    Spellcraft DC: 64
    Range: Touch and Personal
    Duration: Permanent
    Saving Throw: None
    To Develop:: 6,400 gp; 12 weeks; 12 Knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 64); 3 Spellcraft checks (DC 64). Seeds: bended time (DC 13), bended time (DC 13). Factors: drain additional 19 years from opponent (+19 DC), add additional 19 years to self (+19 DC).

    This epic mystery subtracts twenty years from your target’s current and future age categories and adds 20 years to your current and future age categories.

    Sudden Rejuvenation
    Spellcraft DC: 62
    Range: Personal
    Target: You
    Duration: Permanent until discharged
    To Develop:: 6,200 gp; 12 weeks; 12 Knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 62); 3 Spellcraft checks (DC 62). Seeds: unnatural resilience (DC 15). Factors: contingent trigger (+15 DC), +80 temporary hit points (+32 DC)

    The first time that the mystery-user would be knocked to 0 or less hit points, they immediately gain 100 temporary hit points before taking any of that damage.

    Walking Contagion
    Spellcraft DC: 44
    Range: Touch
    Target: 1 living creature
    Duration: 28 days, and then permanent until cured
    Saving Throw: Fortitude Negates
    To Develop:: 4,400 gp; 9 weeks; 9 Knowledge (arcana or the planes) checks (DC 44); 3 Spellcraft checks (DC 44). Seeds: cursed shade (DC 12). Factors: render target immune to disease (+4 DC), target is vector for 28 days (+28 DC)

    If the target fails their fortitude save, the mystery-user renders the target as a walking vector for the black blight disease, which they are rendered immune to the effects of as long as they are infected. They cannot be cured of the disease naturally or magically for 28 days, after which time they can heal through either method.
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