Something to consider:

Dragon 310 had Targetteer-variant for Fighter. It had the following abilities available instead of Fighter Feats:

-Swarm of Arrows (prerequisite: Rapid Shot) - Take -5 on all attacks for two extra attacks in a turn.
-Vital Aim - Use Dex for damage over Strength if your Strength modifier isn't negative. Works only against living creatures. (this would work instead of Deadly Precision as it works at any range, but still not against Undead)
-Sniper - You can sacrifice attacks on a full attack, each sacrificed attack giving one attack +1 threat range on the shot.

I think you may want to incorporate something of the sort. Further, you may want to incorporate some sort of Fletching-abilities for someone who uses bows whole his life; it'd make sense he'd be pretty good at fletching the arrows since it seems more like a rule that an archer in woodlands would end up doing that a lot so at least the option of such abilities seems flavourful.

Skillpoints should be at least 4+Int to make going for Sniping an option; you'll need maxed Spot to shoot at long ranges anyways. You may want to give the 'Ranged X'-series of feats from CW as bonus feats; they aren't that powerful, but flavourful and interesting additional options for a ranged character that can otherwise be rather bland to play.