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    My pseudonatural template. This is something that I made over on the Alienist Modifications thread as a way to account for as many different images of a pseudonatural creature as possible. Feel free to use the original template instead if you do so desire.

    Creating a Pseudonatural Creature:
    "Pseudonatural" is an acquired template that can be added to any living creature.
    A pseudonatural creature uses all the base creature's statistics and abilities except as noted here. Even though the creature's type changes, do not recalculate Hit Dice, base attack bonus, or skill points
    Size and Type: The creature's type changes to outsider. Size is unchanged.
    Special Attacks: A pseudonatural creature retains all the special attacks of the base creature and also gains the following attacks.
    Abberant Assault (Su): As a full-round, a pseudonatural creature may use their alien essence to warp the universe to their advantage. This ability imitates the effect of any 1st level spell from the cleric list or wizard/sorcerer list with a casting time of one standard action or less. For all purposes, the caster level equals the pseudonatural creature's HD. In addition, the use of this ability momentarily reveals a form more fitting to the pseudonatural creature's alien nature. Upon using this ability, other creatures receive a -2 morale penalty on their attack rolls against the pseudonatural creature for 1 round. This ability may only be used once per encounter and only while in an encounter. If a pseudonatural creature possesses fewer than 1 HD, it imitates a 0 level spell instead.
    Unnatural attack: As a full-round action, a pseudonatural creature may make a melee touch attack or automatically target a foe within 20 feet. The target of the mystery either takes 1 point of ability damage/4 levels to an ability score of the pseudonatural creature's choice, is knocked prone, is renderered sickened or shaken for 1d4 rounds, or is confused (as the spell) for 1 round. If the pseudonatural creature did not make an attack against its foe, the target may attempt a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD) to negate the effect. Different uses of this ability may be used with each attempt. Once a creature has been hit by this ability or fails their saving throw, they are immune to this ability for 24 hours.
    Special Qualities: A pseudonatural creature retains all the special qualities of the base creature and also gains thte following special qualities.
    Alien Nature: Pseudonatural creatures defy most forms of classification, even if they resemble familiar creatures. For effects that target creatures of a specific race, type, or subtype, there is a 50% chance that it fails to affect the pseudonatural creature.
    Impossible Geometry: Although pseudonatural creatures can exist in the cosmology, they do so through geometry that makes little or no sense. All attacks made against a pseudonatural creature have a 20% miss chance. Furthermore, pseudonatural creatures cannot be flanked and have a 50% chance to negate extra damage from sneak attack or critical hits.
    Material Vulnerability: pseudonatural creatures and the material plane around them are in constant struggle with each other. The pseudonatural creature is fatigued for as long as they remain and suffer the penalties of starvation even if they eat.
    Abilities: Same as base creature, but Intelligence is at least 3
    Environment: Any land or underground.
    CR: +1
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