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    I like what we've got so far. I think we need some abilities for at least levels 14, 18, and 20 (as a capstone). A few dead levels are fine, but the two spots where we have three of 'em in a row look ugly.

    Alright, these are probably too powerful, but here are my recommendations...

    Piercing Shot (Ex): At fourteenth level an archer becomes extraordinarily skilled at finding chinks in the armor of nearby foes. Archers may ignore any armor bonuses to the AC of a target within 30'. At eighteenth level the archer may use this ability against targets up to 60' away.

    Penetrating Shot (Ex): At twentieth level an archer puts enough force into his shots to punch straight through a creature. He does double his ranged precision damage to a large creature, triple to a huge creature, quadruple to a gargantuan creature, and quintuple to a colossal creature. This ability does not affect creatures immune to precision damage. (I'm thinking this one needs a fort save or something, but I don't know what DC it should be at)

    I say these are overpowered because they basically turn the archer into a one-man wyrm-hunter when he gets to 20th level. Dragons have pitiful dexterity. Maybe have piercing shot only affect "unnatural" armor?

    Oh, and whatever happened to the 'power-attack for archers' idea? Maybe a feat instead of an ability?

    Also, I'd move Between the Eyes up a bit... it seems pretty brutal, especially combined with Deadly Marksmanship.

    EDIT: The idea for Penetrating Shot came from a video I watched of one of my professors putting an arrow straight through the heart of a buffalo and clean out through the other side of the animal. The poor creature dropped pretty quickly after that. Granted he was using a high-tech bow, but I figure if a college professor can do that to a buffalo (a Large creature), a near-epic archer should be able to do it to a dragon. Maybe have it scale? Get Penetrating Shot (Large) at an early level, building to Penetrating Shot (Colossal) at level 20?
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