Magnor Criol: Sitting Duck is (obviously) the most recent addition, so has the least amount of review. I feel that the Archer will need some way to get through spells like Windwall, since otherwise they'll be completely hosed later. Though you may be right that you get it too early.

Arcing Shot is roughly where you could get it officially (since it's an ability of Cragtop Archer). But yeah, it could probably be gotten earlier, since you'd still take increasing penalties.

That's a good idea for Piercing Shot.

And thanks for voicing your opinions, I want every one I can get.

Pie Guy: Interesting idea (and congrats on the shot), but that seems to be the type of thing that fits better into feats and customization, rather than a class feature. The lucky/skilled shots are the criticals.

Ascension: Yeah, probably. Any ideas? Since right now I really don't want to prune anything. Hopefully we'll get some more people in here with their suggestions.