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Reactive Shot (Ex): At 9th level, if a creature within 30' of you takes an action that provokes an Attack of Opportunity, you may make a single ranged attack against him/her/it at your highest attack bonus. This consumes all of your remaining Attacks of Opportunity for the round. At 13th level it only uses 1 of your Attacks of Opportunity. At 17th level the range increases to 60'.

Arcing Shot (Ex): At 10th level an archer can fire a high, arcing shot to gain greater range with his projectile weapon. Any time the archer can fire a projectile weapon in an area with at least 40' of clearance between his position and the ceiling (or any other overhead obstruction), his maximum range with the projectile weapon is 15 range increments rather than the normal 10 range increments.

Piercing Shot (Ex): At 11th level an archer becomes extraordinarily skilled at finding chinks in the armor of nearby foes. Archers may ignore any armor bonuses to the AC of a target within 30'. At 15th level the archer may use this ability against targets up to 60' away.

Hail of Arrows (Su): At 20th level, as a full round action, an archer can fire an arrow at each target within range. Each attack uses the archer's highest attack bonus and each enemy may only be targeted by a single arrow. Yeah, it's ridiculous and the only Supernatural ability thus far, but I figured if I was going to make a capstone ability for a near-epic archer, it might as well be one hell of a capstone. Good luck not running out of arrows though. And yeah, it'll probably get reduced in some form, if it stays. It's just a starting point, after all.
The first one is WAY overpowered, particularly at 13th level, were you can shoot anything that moves near you. Take away the add ons for it.

The second one should only ignore half of the targets armor bonus.

The third one is really balanced I must say.