Dread Crown Maneuver List

1st level
Cheap Shot: Strike–Increase critical threat range and increase damage on critical hit against flatfooted opponent.
Jaw of the Serpent: Boost–Increase DC of poison applied to weapons.
Savage Slash: Strike–Attack leaves wound that continues to bleed.
Stance of Undying Hatred: Stance–Fight without penalty while disabled or dying.

2nd level
Agonizing Blow: Strike–Attack deals + 2d6 damage and causes crippling pain.
Grasp of the Damned: Boost–Hand detaches, allowing you to make a melee attack at range.
Slip into Shadows: Strike–Feint and attack, gain concealment if successful.

3rd level
Masochist’s Stance: Stance–Gain profane bonus on attack rolls, saves, and skill checks whenever you take damage.
Profane Siphoning: Strike–Attack deals 2 points of ability damage, you gain +2 profane bonus.
Sadistic Blow: Strike–Attack deals +4d6 damage, increased critical multiplier.

4th level
Blade of Wrath: Boost–Attacks deal +1d6 vile damage, plus another 1d6 for each five.
Maleficient Hammer: Strike–Attack deals +5d6 damage, additional effects based on creature’s alignment.
Vitriolic Blood: Counter–Spray creatures that damage you with acidic blood.

5th level
Blackguard’s Charge: Strike–Charge, deal +6d4 vile damage.
Brutal Onslaught: Boost–Attacks deal half damage in following round.
Hellish Venom: Boost–Coat your weapon in fiendish poison.

6th level
Befouling Razor: Strike–Make attacks against adjacent foes, deal 4 Constitution damage to each.
Charnel Strike: Strike–Melee attack deals +5d6 fire damage and +5d4 vile damage.
Presence of the Archfiend: Stance–Gain frightful presence.

7th level
Apocalyptic Charge: Strike–Charge and leave a trail of profane darkness behind you.
Blade of Malice: Boost–Attacks deal +1d3 vile damage/level.

8th level
Dread Form of the Archfiend: Stance–Take on a fiendish form.
Profane Consumption: Strike–Attack causes exhaustion, you gain +6 profane bonus to Strength and Dexterity, +10 ft. profane bonus to speed.

9th level
Feed the Maw of Hell: Strike–Attack deals +20d6 vile damage, reanimates creature as an undead under your control.