I'm again here to nitpick proofread.


Dread form of the Archfiend is described as a Boost, despite having the [stance] descriptor. Which is it?

Blade of Malice feels overpowered to me, if only because it's better than Inferno Blade by a longshot. The damage is less likely to be resisted, and there's more of it. At the level you get it, Blade of Malice adds 26 average damage, compared to the 23.5 of Inferno Blade. And it's vile, not fire. Ouch. Comparatively, Apocalyptic Charge is weaker in damage than its brother, Salamander Charge.

The "dying" description in Charnel Strike seems redundant, considering the body it totally destroyed. Prehaps mention that this prevents raise dead?

While this isn't an error, Presence of the Archfiend is 1 higher DC than normal for that level. Also, Befouling razor, being like Bloodletting Strike on all adjacent targets (though fort negates, not 1/2) seems almost too powerful, but the fort negates probably is enough to balance it.

Masochist's stance has a typo, on the last line. inthe.

Profane Siphoning's first line is misspelt, missing the second N.

Sadistic Blow seems weak, as it only really has any effect on a critical. Prehaps make it a boost that can be initiated after threatening a critical, or similar?

How much concealment does Slip into Shadows provide? Standard, I assume, but most effects provide me with a nice specific miss chance, and I don't like not having it, and thereby assuming 20%.

Feed the Maw of Hell feels almost underpowered. I'm not sure quite why. Prehaps because of how little effect skeletons and zombies have.

That's about it. Once again, I probably missed/misread a lot, but I hope this helps somewhat.