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    Default Re: I've Got 20 Arrows Aimed Straight at Your Heart [base class]

    Wait a second. Thre are archers in the game. They are called fighters. They have high BAB (1/lvl) and a messload of feats that they can pick to improve their archery skills. Some of them take 2 levels in ranger and some go for some rogue, but basically they are fighters.

    Besides, if a guy is able to pull a trick once, why should he be able to do so only a certain number of times per encounter? It's like being a good sniper with a 7x20 scope but only 3/day. Why?

    My take it is that the best way to do archers is to pick well the feats, or make up new ones. It gets too much like Orlando Bloom otherwise! 1 Arrow every five seconds with no associated penalties is already a frigging good ratio of fire. Add the point blank, precise shot, multi shot, manyshot, weapon focus and weapon specialization, or their level 12 and 18 equivalents and a good magic bow and you already have a monster with a medieval Barrett M82
    And that is firing only 1 arrow per round. With high BAB things get even more ridiculously close to "Hercules the legendary Journay crossed over with Robin Hood man in tighs".

    One could perhaps improve stuff like firing into melee or while being attacked, or on avoiding AOOs while firing, but that also can be covered by a good feat selection or by levels in scout.

    If I was to make an "archer" class I'd go for a PrCl, perhaps a 3 levels one, which fighters and rangers could access more easily. A class that would also benefit rogues though, maybe enhancing the range of sneak attacks.

    What about a "ranged cleave". Everytime you manage to take down an enemy with one shot you get a free shot against the nearest target to the one you just shot down (provided it is in the SAME range increment). You could even get a "ranged great cleave" (but that is a bit too much...) or perhaps "ranged AOOs". That is, if your weapon is ready and the arrow set, everytime a target within point blank range does something that prevents him to defend effectively (casting, drinking a potion) you get an AOO on him.

    This could lead you to "ranged combat reflexes", i.e. the same as C.R. (AOOs= 1+Dex mod), only within point blank


    Ranged Precision (Ex)
    Archers have the advantage of being able to line up their shot instead of pitting their simple reactionary ability against their opponent's. If an archer takes a full-round action to shoot, he may add the listed amount to his attack roll. If the archer takes a standard action to shoot, he may add the minimum amount without rolling. Any other abilities may be combined with Ranged Precision; it is used automatically when the archer fires a bow.
    This one looks cool.

    Pierce (Ex)
    The archer's army-devastation abilities truly come to fruition at level 7, when he learns the ability to send his arrows through multiple enemies. [...]It may be used more than once in a single round to have arrows pierce more than one target.
    It is far too overpowered. One could get a magic bow that does that, but unless we're talking shonen anime tao-zen archer here, the ability to bypass the DR of a living body is just too much. A body can stop heavy bullets at point blank; arrows, OTOH, are light shafts that make you bleed to death, perhaps break a bone if you are lucky, or kill on the spot if they get a vital spot (heart, eyes, spine...)

    Seeking (Ex)
    At level 13, the archer unlocks the power of true precision. Once per encounter, while using a full-round action to attack, the archer may cause his shot(s) to automatically threaten a critical hit. This increases to 2/encounter at level 15 and 3/encounter at level 17. Seeking may be used as a free action.
    Why not just give the archer the Feat "Improved Critical" for free instead? he would qualify anyway, so even earlier than lvl 13. Maybe at said levels the range could improve further, or perhaps he'd get a bonus to the confirmation roll. So, a longbow threatens with 19-20. This becomes 17-20 at level , say, 8. Then it becomes 16-20 at level 13, 15-20 at level 16 and 15-20 with an increased multiplier (x4) by level 19 or 20.
    Another option would be that your archer threatens a critical normally (or with the IC feat) and if he does he automatically rolls max damage (by level 13).

    Perfect Shot (Ex)
    At level 19, the archer gains the ability to focus all of his training into one perfect shot. As a full-round action, he may fire one arrow, taking 20 on the attack roll, meaning that it automatically hits and critical hits unless something intervenes. It also causes the target creature to make a Fortitude save equal to (Ranged Precision bonus + Dexterity bonus + enhancement bonus on arrow or bow) or die.
    I see it happens at level 19, so it should be ok (God like status is around the next corner), although d20 seems to be crazy about multiclassing and Pr-classing, so I doubt anyone but an epic archer could get it.

    I hope I have not been too disruptive! (in case, apologies).

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