I made some notes for you. I slashed out things I think should be dropped and gave explanations why.

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From my Tome of House Rules v1.5, list of PHB class rebalances and remakes.

Note, my desire here is not to reinvent the wheel.

-Trap Sense is now Danger Sense and applies to the barbarianís AC and Reflex saves in every situation, including combat. (he still loses Dodge bonuses to AC when appropriate)
-Increase DR progression by 2. Thus, granting DR 4/- at 10th-level.
-Gain Knowledge (history) and(I can't think of a single reason why a Barbarian would have any knowledge of history, as they are illiterate) Spot as class skills.
(-Gain Innate Resistance: SR 2 + class level. If you have SR from any other permanent source (racially), improve that progression by 2.


-Add 2 spells per day to each spell level in his progression.
-Pick 3 additional 1-handed melee or ranged martial weapons. You are now proficient with those weapons.
-Gain Forgery as a class skill.
(Bards don't need more weapons, nor does adding forgery really make much sense given their nature.)


[/s]-Domains outside those in the PHB will be reviewed on an individual basis, with the default being that they are banned. [/s](If you want domains banned, list specific ones.)
-If you do not wish to worship a deity, it is suggested that you still select one for the purpose of choosing domains. You must meet the normal alignment restriction for worshiping the selected deity. RP-wise, this deity has no relevance to you.
If this cannot work for you, your concept will be reviewed on an individual basis.
(Instead, I think wording it like "Select a Diety that matches your alignment description, and your domains are treated as though that was your diety." would work better.)
-Gain Sense Motive as a class skill.
-Gain 1 free rank in Speak Celestial, Infernal or Abyssal (according to alignment)(Free Ranks don't make much sense. Something like this should be learned by choice. Not given to them for free.)


-Spontaneous Summoning is removed. You may still prepare and cast summoning spells as desired.
-Gain Proficiency with all martial bows.
-Wild Shape forms and Animal Companions are restricted to MM1 sources only. Specific exceptions may be made.(I'm against limiting people like this when there are so many other fun things that can be done.)
-Wild Shape (large) is obtained at 11th-level, Wild Shape (tiny) is obtained at 13th-level, Wild Shape (huge) is obtained at 15th-level.
-Wild Shape does not grant any healing or restoration.
-Bump animal companion progression chart forward 2 steps, so you donít receive 1st-level benefits until 5th level, and so forth. This effects when you can have a more powerful companion as well. You still start with your companion at level 1, however, and you still gain link at level 1.
-Share Spells with animal companion is removed.
-If your animal companion dies, you may not replace him until a period of morning equal to 1 month + 1 month per 2 levels. (I see no reason for this ability)
-Gain Knowledge (geography) as a class skill.


-Gain +1 to weapon attack rolls at 3rd level and every three levels thereafter (6th, 9th, etc).
-Gain +1 to weapon damage rolls at 4th level and every four levels thereafter (8th, 12th, etc)
-Gain Defensive Combat: You may subtract a number from your attack rolls and add it to your AC as a Dodge bonus. This number may not exceed your fighter level. Does not stack with Combat Expertise.
-Gain Armor Specialization as a free bonus feat at level 6.
-Gain 1 of Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes or Great Fortitude at level 7.
-Gain Uncanny Dodge at level 9.
-Gain Improved Uncanny Dodge at level 13.
(Fighter bonus feats are made to take care of many of these things.)
-Gain a +1 Armor bonus to AC (stacks with normal armor) while wearing heavy armor at 6th-level and every 6 levels thereafter (12th,18th).
-Gain Concentration as a class skill.Fighters don't need to concentrate.
-Gain Innate Resistance: SR 2 + class level. If you have SR from any other permanent source (racially), improve that progression by 2.


-You may use Flurry of Blows as part of an attack action.
-If you fail an attack roll while attempting Stunning Fist, the use is not wasted.
-You may Power Attack at a 1:1 ratio with your unarmed strike as part of an attack or full-action action.
-Whenever your Ki Strike progression improves, gain a +1 enhancement bonus to damage (in addition to the listed benefits)
-Lose Knowledge (arcane) and gain Knowledge (history) as class skills.
-Gain Innate Resistance: SR 2 + class level. If you have SR from any other permanent source (racially), improve that progression by 2.


-Special Ability progression starts at level 8 instead of level 10.
-Gain Knowledge (dungeoneering) as a class skill.


-Pick 1 martial weapon, you are proficient with that weapon. (No reason to make this class more MArtial oriented.)
-Gain +1 spell known per spell level.
-Gain Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, and Knowledge (the planes) as class skills.
-You may replace a current spell known for another every time you level up, and this spell may be of any level you can cast. (Sorcers don't get their powers from another source, so it doesn't make sense if they can just forget a spell and replace it with another.)
-Gain Eschew Materials as a free bonus feat, at level 1.
-Gain Improved Familiar at level 4, you may re-summon your familiar at this time with no penalty.
-Gain Arcane Spell Power at 6th, 12th and 18th level, adding +1 to spell DCs.
-Gain Metamagic Familiarity at 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th level: At each level, choose a metamagic feat that you know, that feat costs 1 spell level less to apply, and doesnít require extra time to cast (as normal for spontaneous casters). You may not select the same feat multiple times. This sounds really freaking powerful.)


-Gain Appraise and Forgery as class skills.
-Gain 1 free rank in Speak Language (Draconic).
(Same reasoning of the free ranks, and Forgery doesn't even make sense for a Wizard Class Skill. Possibley Appraise does, but thats to much of a stretch.)