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I really like the barbarian's Danger Sense. If it weren't likely unbalancing, I'd suggest making it an Initiative bonus too.

The fighter's Combat Expertise replacement ability might have power issues, as a mid-level fighter could use it to gain an insanely high AC. Also, one of the main benefits of Combat Expertise is that it leads to many useful feats. I would suggest that the fighter can use this feat for prerequisites unless that contradicts other considerations of yours.

Unarmed attacks, by the PHB, already Power Attack at a 1:1 ratio. They're a specific exception to the rule about light weapons. Maybe the monk could instead treat an unarmed strike as a two-handed weapon under certain circumstances?

These are neat overall. I like the fact that they're focused on detail much of the time. I never could figure out why rogues didn't get Knowledge (dungeoneering) as a class skill.
1) Not a bad idea for the Danger Sense, I'll consider it. I feel the game is generally a bit too generous with Initiative boosters though.

2) Yes, he could get a very high AC by having a bad to-hit rate and no power attack damage. This isn't really overpowered, as he becomes a super tank without much ability to do anything if he does this. Its a situationally great option, but honestly I like giving them this trick in their bag. As for having it qualify for stuff, I'll consider that.

3) Oops... yeah, I never actually play Monks. That is simply an oversight, thanks for catching that.

4) Thank you very much, I strive to make my work detailed, consistant and were-possible elegant.