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First off, while I appreciate a critique I find this introduction presumptous and midly offensive. It comes across as "this is what you did wrong, be sure to correct your mistakes now".

As to your 'notes':

1) Barbarians getting know (history) is to represent the oral traditions of various indigenious peoples and tribes. Telling of the history of the ancestors and the feats of great warriors of old was a huge part of their culture. Knowledge of history isn't necessarily academic study.

2a) I disagree that bards don't need better weapon profs, as part of being a jack-of-all-trades is being able to use decent weapons, if not terribly well.

2b) Considering that bards have alot to do with written material (poetry, stories, songs, folklore etc) and are also a subtle/sneaky/underhanded class, I would strongly disagree that it's "against their nature".

3a) I'm essentially saying I'm banning all non-phb ones until I have the time to go through them all. Recall there are ALOT of supplimental domains.

3b) I originally had something similar to that that, but I added the exceptions in because many people complained that they had a character concept that would require more flexibility. Also, it follows the diction style of other material. Thus, the more verboise but flexible wording.
I still agree however that simple and straightforward is more ideal then verboise, inclusive and flexible.

3c) This doesn't make sense because you don't know my language system, I recommend you ignore it for the moment. If you are very interested in my language system, I can dig up the old thread for it.

4a) Then give me a better idea beyond "use shapeshift phb2 variant" which is just as limiting. If you feel fleshrakers are cool in your game, then we have different ideas of 'balanced'.

4b) It's so its not used as a disposable reasource. At least I didn't make you lose XP like if your familiar dies. Considering the companion mechanics, it wouldn't be much of a stretch logically.

5a) Fighter still has its bonus feats, these are additional buffs and free feats. I'd like a better reason to remove them then "but he gets feats!". Not to mention, the save-booster feats arent on the fighter's feat list, and uncanny dodge isnt a feat at all.

5b) This is for compliance with the PHB2 Combat Focus feats, which I am re-working to use Concentration. Yes, otherwise giving a caster skill like that to the fighter would be a bit silly.

6a) They already can do this, I just made it more practical. Compare to a wizard-style preparation.

6b) Compare it to a wizard's free metamagic feat progression, and keep in mind they are still inferior casters to the wizard.

7a) How the heck does Forgery not make sense as a skill for the most scholastic class in the game? They deal with written material constantly, its integral to their training, abilities and progression. Honestly, if wizards shouldn't have forgery, nobody should. Rogues with their sneaky nature have an equally strong but different reason to have this skill, not better.
Sorry if that came off as rude, I realized I had to run do something when I wrote that top part in, as I did it after the notes. Didn't pay much attention to how it sounded, but I had already went through your list of changes.

1a)And I can see where you're coming from with Barbarian learning history, but that could apply to anyone. You could pass that reasoning off for just being alive. A Class really has nothing to do with it.

To be honest, it would make more sense in a civilized society, as they have schools that teach things.

2a) The whole thing about Bards needing better weapons is reasonable, but I find him to have a plenty useful weapons selection for what he does. Light, easy to use weapons, but thats just me. :p

2b) I can see the forgery argument, but Bards never come across to me as being the tricksy type.

3a) Fair enough.

3c) Ah, so you use a different system. If thats the case, pay no attention to that comment. :p

4a) Druids in Core, with Just MM 1 are broken. While removing books helps a bit, the inherent problems with druids power still exist if thats all your doing.

4b) Logically it seems like a bit of a stretch to me, but this just seems to be a different perspective on things.

5a) I should have elaborated more on my reasoning there. The fighter has so many different feets to chose from it gives him a lot of options for different builds. It just feels awkward to start giving him specific kinds of abilities, all of which are all about defense.

5b) As before, since it's for altered Mechanics reasons, it's all good.

6a) I don't recall Sorcerors being able to change what spells they know. I'll re-read the sorceror hear in a while then.

6b) Thats an argument that the wizard is better as he is right now, which I kinda find flaws as of course the wizard is better, they are overpowered.

7a) forgery doesn't make sense because a Wizard studies how to create MAgic Scrolls, they study magic, and logicaly all sorts of different knowledges, as that is a key part of what a Wizard typically is.

They do not study how to successfully mimic and create fake documents containing believalbe and/or false information.

Just because I've read a lot of books, filled out a lot of forms, and seen many different kinds of ID's does not mean I will be able to forge a fake one. That is another skill on it's own.