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7a) forgery doesn't make sense because a Wizard studies how to create MAgic Scrolls, they study magic, and logicaly all sorts of different knowledges, as that is a key part of what a Wizard typically is.

They do not study how to successfully mimic and create fake documents containing believalbe and/or false information.

Just because I've read a lot of books, filled out a lot of forms, and seen many different kinds of ID's does not mean I will be able to forge a fake one. That is another skill on it's own.
Having something as a class skill isn't the same as having an in-built class ability for it. I'm saying because of all that familiarity with books and forms and such they could easily become skilled at spoting and creating forgeries.
So yes, it is another skill, which I'm saying they can take, as a class skill, because of their experience with related matters.