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    Default Re: DnD 3.5 Class Changes/Rebalances (sans Paladin)

    Quote Originally Posted by Skjaldbakka View Post
    I wind up with breastplates alot with my fighters. I also play a lot or multiclass fighter/rogues, so medium and light armor are pretty common with my fighters.
    Sure. I play multiclass fighter/barbarians. I get you.

    What do you think of this feat? Your complaint inspired me to make it.
    Note: I intend to lower Armor Specialization's BAB prereq to 6+.

    Armor Mastery [General]

    Prerequisites: BAB 10+, Armor Specialization, proficient with all types of armor.

    Benefit: The AC granted by any armor you wear is increased by 2 and the Armor Check Penalty is reduced by 4. Furthermore, you gain Damage Reduction based on how heavy your armor is. Light armor grants DR 2/-, Medium armor grants DR 5/-, Heavy Armor grants DR 10/-. The DR granted by this feat does not stack with that granted by Armor Specialization.
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