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    Default Re: DnD 3.5 Class Changes/Rebalances (sans Paladin)

    Quote Originally Posted by Fawsto View Post
    I liked those, nice work.

    The Druid's nerf makes total sense. But I'd consider the shapeshift variant to make things less complicated. However, it is good enough for some power limitation.

    I had some similar ideas for a fighter fix. I second them.

    One thing that is bugging me however is the spell resistance. It is, in my op, an anti-pvp measure... I believe that true balance stands on lowering the casters' powers.

    Now, I found most of your ideas interesting ones, do I have permission to use them to base/complement my own homebrews and house rules?

    I know the Paladin from wizards' forum is the best one, but I'd like to know your opinion on mine. If you have some time, check the link in my signature.

    - Fawsto
    I'm fine with people using the shapeshift variant. It's well written and very flavorful and nicely balances the class. However, I wanted to make the core druid, with the companion and such usable as well.

    The Innate Resistance is partly for flavor reasons and mainly to protect higher-level melee characters from being irritated by low level casters or low caster level partial casters. It's not really useful at all for PvP, since lvl 10 barbarian vs lvl 10 wizard will have the wizzie auto-suceeding on his SR checks.

    As for using my work, sure. My feeling is that everyone should be playing this way, so if you use it to do so I have no problem. Just don't pass it off as your own work, that would piss me off. Thanks for asking.

    I will do so shortly, and thank you very much for the positive feedback.

    EDIT: For those interested, the new fighter looks like this:


    -Gain +1 to weapon attack rolls at 3rd level and every three levels thereafter (6th, 9th, etc).
    -Gain +1 to weapon damage rolls at 4th level and every four levels thereafter (8th, 12th, etc)
    -Gain Defensive Combat: You may subtract a number from your attack rolls and add it to your AC as a Dodge bonus. This number may not exceed your fighter level. Does not stack with Combat Expertise. A fighter of 5th level or higher may use this to count as Combat Expertise for the purposes of prerequisites.
    -Gain Armor Specialization as a free bonus feat at level 6.
    -Gain 1 of Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes or Great Fortitude at level 7.
    -Gain Uncanny Dodge at level 9.
    -Gain Improved Uncanny Dodge at level 13.
    -Gain a +1 Armor bonus to AC (stacks with normal armor) while wearing armor at 6th-level and every 6 levels thereafter (12th,18th).
    -Gain Concentration as a class skill.
    -Gain Innate Resistance: SR 2 + class level. If you have SR from any other permanent source (racially), improve that progression by 2.
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