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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakk View Post
    Generate some symmetry. Boost each up to 3+ skills if you can.

    Then allow purchase of a single skill for 1/2 of the cost of the set, and two for 3/4, three for 7/8, four for 15/16, etc.

    Hmm. That's a bit ugly. :/

    Still, I'd think a system that allowed someone with high spot, but crappy listen, should exist.
    It still does. The system is reverse-compatible. You can still take skills in only the subset, and indeed some times you have to. Also, you may want to.

    For instance, if you take Athletics you won't be getting the synergy to Tumble from Jump that you would by taking Jump individually. Also, you may not have all 3 skills in Athletics as class, so you may have to take Jump seperately.

    However, this is fairly complex and ackward to track during character development, but such is a neccessary evil of making a reverse-compatible system.

    And I know what you mean by 3 skills to a set, but its simply not practical with the skills that are there. The skill sets are by no means all of equal value, but honestly I don't think it matters terribly since they are always a great discount for your skill ranks.

    There is a smell skill? I'd be tempted to roll the detective motive into this as well.
    This was a convient way for me to include said phantom skill without making characters waste ranks on something so niche. Ever wanted to have a PC roll a check to smell something or know what a smell is? Well I have, and now I can.

    Hmm. Toss a craft into that as well?
    Since Craft itself is an abstraction of many different skills used in producing a product, I don't want to do that. Not to mention it is quite specific in its use.

    Should almost contain Jump.
    Indeed, except Athletics has that more sensibly.

    Too bad there isn't a run skill.
    Not a bad idea actually! I can do here what I did with smell and toss jump in with Acrobatics. Not 100% sure about doing that, but I'll dwell on it a bit.

    Again, Knowledge (nature) itself is an abstraction with a wide application. I don't want to abstract it further. It's not a terrible idea tho.

    I'd be tempted to add Diplomacy to that bundle...
    I deliberately didn't put any of the communications skills in skill sets (seduction is a niche skill that is nearly bluff anyways, so that's less of an issue) because I didn't want to cheapen them or make their access easier. In my games, this skills are extremely useful and often powerful, so lumping them is dangerous.

    Another idea: your "skill packs" could give other skills at 1/2 of the highest skill's ability free of charge.
    Please explain further, although this sounds like it could make this system even MORE messy.

    Casting Defensively is rapidly free, isn't it? With the DC going up at +1/2 levels, and the skill going up at +1/level... (Barring the trump wars of mage slayer type feats)
    Well, I made the DC scale a bit faster, and apply more often. Yes, there will come a point where you can auto-succeed at it, I have merely delayed this point.

    Are you planning on reigning in the ability to get insane modifiers to a skill check? If so...

    You could make casting defensively act as a pseudo-AC. In order to exploit the AoO from casting, the attack has to both hit and beat the concentration check. Attacks that would hit but not beat the concentration check are attempts to exploit an opening that didn't actually happen.
    This is a valid idea that I had myself (its what I did with Tumble) that I still may end up going with. The problem being that Concentration has more applications then simply defensive casting, and having two completely different mechanics for different applications of the same skill is very bad.

    However, it does make quite a bit of sense and honestly I may just end up doing it.

    Problem: Will goes up with 1/2 to 1/3 of your level, Intimidate goes up with your level. They scale differently.
    Hence the bonus +4 to the Will save. It's also more likely to get bonuses on your saves then your skill checks (items, spells, etc). I'm not thrilled by this system, but it is simple to run and works more-or-less.

    What about dicypher script? How does that compare: in general, that skill is quickly trumped by spells...
    The SL system can be used to approximate one's ability to read the given language as well, although they are worded for spoken fluency. Is there any spell in particular that grants one the ability to read/decipher things that I didn't include that I should?

    *nod* -- if you bar the massive bonuses you can get for skills (a +10 to skill item is relatively cheap, much cheaper than the same to most other d20 rolls), to-hit grows roughly as fast as skills.

    However, this does cause problems for Rogues, who really need mobility to not suck.
    For one thing, Tumble ranks are cheaper now. For another, I do allow skill boosters (+5 Tumble item is 2.5k, like a cloak of elvenkind). It's supposed to be easier to boost Tumble then your to-hit roll, hence not screwing characters who rely on and thus want to invest in this skill. However, DC 15-20 is now no-longer auto-succeed regardless of opponent's skill.

    So, as a suggestion:
    Rogues get a +Rogue Level/2, rounded down, dodge bonus to Armor Class against attacks of opportunity caused when you move out of or within a threatened area. A condition that makes you lose your Dexterity bonus to Armor Class (if any) also makes you lose dodge bonuses. Rogues also get a +Rogue Level/2 bonus to Tumble checks made to avoid AoO.

    That allows high level Rogues to avoid AoOs (if with less ease than they could before your change), while not making Tumble the current "I'm sorry, your battlefield control build sucks" skill that it is currently.
    Not a terrible idea and well presented, but I don't feel it's neccesary as I have explained above. Rogues that really care about Tumbling will get the synergy skills (+4), spells (based on Jump, could grant +10 or higher) and items (+5 or higher if you got the money). Could a deadicated Tumbler beat a heavy melee at Tumble vs attack? Yep, but that's intentional. A non-deadicated one probably doesn't have a chance.

    All and all thank you VERY much for your critique, feedback and ideas. If you would like a look at any of my other homebrew/Tome material, please just ask.
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