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    Default Re: DnD 3.5 Class Changes/Rebalances (sans Paladin)

    Wow, didn't expect this to get more attention. Not that I'm not happy to field more responses.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jasdoif View Post
    Overall, I like much. However I have some comments/suggestions/questions.
    Thanks and no problem.

    As the barbarian gets trap sense at the same levels its Reflex save increases, this effectively doubles its Reflex save. That being the case, I'd consider just giving the class a good Reflex save, and making this Danger Sense simply a dodge bonus to AC.

    Why Knowledge (history) instead of, say, Knowledge (nature)?
    I didn't realize that regarding the Ref. save, I'll consider it. As for the knowledge thing, see where I addressed this above. I would just be repeating myself.

    I see this one duplicated a lot. Perhaps it'd be better to just give everyone this progression, and make all other SR sources bonuses of some sort? I can't decide.
    The idea is to give it to the more melee-oriented classes. Basically if it has full BAB and at least 8 HD I give it the resistance. Also, I have feats that allow one to enhance this ability. I also discuss this earlier in the thread.

    Why three? And...does "1-handed" include light weapons?
    Three because I wanted to improve their selection and the adaptability of the class but not give them all martial proficiency. And yes, it includes light weapons.

    Yes, I'm curious about the alluded-to language system.
    I'll dig up a link to it and edit it in. But my thread concerning 3.5 Skill Changes also includes most of it.

    EDIT: Here we go.

    Wild Shape was errata'd to behave like the alternate form ability instead of the polymorph spell; among other things this means you no longer heal from using Wild Shape.
    Probably, but my group doesn't check and index all the errata, so having this here is still relivant.

    The extra month per two levels is rather harsh....A couple mistakes at high level and you're out an animal companion for half a year? The year and a day for a familiar is similarly harsh, true, but at least the familiar gets the benefit of its master's saves and is usually small enough that it can hide.
    Meh, I'll probably just change both to be more reasonable. Nonetheless I hate it being used as a disposable reasource.

    I'd just make this a bonus to the save of your choice; so you can still take the feat if you want a particular save to be "really" high.
    Well, gaining bonus feats is the style of the class. Also, this allows you to qualify for some PrCs or feats. Finally, I buffed those feats slightly so its a bit better to get the feat instead of just a bonus.

    I don't like this. It penalizes someone hasn't picked sufficient metamagic feats. I would suggest something similar to the Wu Jen's spell secrets, where you pick a metamagic feat from a short list and get it for free (no slot increase) on a particular spell, and don't need to know the feat in question.
    I don't want it to just be a clone of the wizard's ability. Yes, it does require you to take metamagic feats, but honestly I feel this is a pretty powerful and very flavorful ability. I might consider your suggestion as an ACF or variant of my class though.

    This isn't really specific to your changes...but it bugs me that you have to be good at making forgeries to be good at detecting forgeries. Maybe wizards (or everyone) could use Decipher Script to detect forgeries, and not need to get another class skill?
    I hear you. I just lumped the skills together, see my skill changes thread.

    I notice the Ranger isn't represented. Why is that? Do you think it's fine as is, or are you getting rid of it entirely?
    What the hell? How did that manage to happen? I'll edit in the ranger. Thanks for the catch.
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