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I think you have rapid shot and many shot confused... Many shot is fire two arrows as a standard action with penalties. Rapid shot is during a full round gain an extra attack and all others are at a -2. I don't see what is so bad about rapid shot.

I am not a fan of 'Piercing Precision'
The problem is thus:

1) Rapid shot, in and of itself, is fine.

2) Rangers get rapid shot in their combat style, thus making it a logical class to qualify for OotBI. This is a very good thing.

3) Rapid shot is a prerequisite, but has no synergy at all with percision strike in the original class, since you can't use Precision strike in a full attack.

4) Thus, I have made this class be able to use rapid shot LIKE manyshot when it uses precision strike, and then be able to use it in the normal full attack function.

What is your problem with piercing precision?

Azerian Kelimon:
Even though this class isn't really for rogues at all, the 'sneak-attack like' damage of Piercing Precision needs a way to affect constructs and the like. Honestly, its only half damage and you don't even get the ability until 13th level. Not disagreeing with you, since you are defending me in the first place :). Just clarifying.