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Gain Extended Precision at 3rd level (instead of as written).
This might make a nice 3-level dip for ranged rogues, since Extended Precision (as written) also applies to sneak attack. Don't know whether you like that or not.

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Gain Archery Mastery at 9th-level: Choose between increasing the critical multiplier or critical threat range on the bow you have Weapon Focus in by 1 step.
Be advised that increasing the threat range is mathematically a better option because bows have a x3 crit multiplier already.

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Rangers get rapid shot in their combat style, thus making it a logical class to qualify for OotBI. This is a very good thing.
Rangers also get Manyshot in their combat style, at 6th level. Conveniently, this means a pure archery-style Ranger will already have Manyshot by the time it qualifies for this class.

And since you have to be at least at BAB +11 when you get Rapid Precision, Manyshot already gives you more arrows. It's true that Manyshot still only works with a 30-foot range, but honestly I'd just give the class Manyshot as a bonus feat and say Ranged Precision applies to Manyshot, rather then invent another use of Rapid Shot.