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Thread: 3.5 D&D Feat Revisions and Additions

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    Quote Originally Posted by weishan View Post
    What's innate resistance?
    Innate Resistance is a concept I have introduced with my class revisions.

    Here is the thread where this was done:

    Here is the explanation of the ability from my Tome:

    Innate Resistance:

    This special ability of certain melee classes maintains one progression. That is, if you have multiple melee classes granting you this ability, you add up the total levels giving you the ability, and add 2 to that number to determine your SR. If you have racial SR (for instance, because you are drow) or SR from another class ability, add 2 to that value. Aside from adding a static bonus of 2, this ability never stacks with other sources of SR.
    Please see the above linked thread for some insight and discussion of this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cirigan
    how would these work out for stacking?
    Sorry, I have updated those in my Tome to clarify this, but neglected to update the thread. I will edit them into my post. Furthermore, here's the key missing text:

    "Note: This only applies to the original base value of the shield. Abilities that increase this value (such as Shield Focus) stack additively with this feat. Thus, someone with this feat and Shield focus would have a +5 bonus to AC from his shield."

    Thanks for the interest, any further questions or issues with this work?
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