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I assume you posted your revision to Speak Language elsewhere. That revision is quite cumbersome on Bards, and worse for everyone else. I dislike it majorly.

Also, a large number of your changes make things significantly more powerful. This could be either a good or a bad thing, depending on perspective.

-Fiery Diamond
1) The language system is linked in my sig. I wholeheartedly disagree that it makes things harder on bards. What it does is make languages a signifigant part of the game instead of "cast Comprehend Languages and forget about it." Because it makes languages more important, it makes those that can master them more valuable. Also, the feats that allow one to specialize in languages are most useful to a bard, beguiler or otherwise enchantment-based arcanist. And again, bards have Speak Language as class, and better skill progression.

Also, I made all language-granting spells generally two levels higher. I should link the spell changes thread in my sig I suppose, but I'm starting to get issues with maximum amount of coding text.

I am very proud of the language system, and feel it is some of my best work.

If you prefer the current, more simplified, less accurate language 'system' that completely trivializes the whole concept of foreign tongues and linguistical fluency (in the same way that knock trivializes the Open Lock skill), then you don't have to use mine.

As for making things more powerful, its an attempt to find a middle ground. I nerfed that which was too strong, I buffed that which was crappy, ineffectual or poorly made, and I have provided additional options to support other concepts.

On a side note, I recall you criticising my sorceror revision in my class thread. I somewhat agree with your complaints, and have revised it slightly. If you are still interested I'll show it to you.