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That's a bit long, and I'm still fairly inexperienced with the game. Of what I did read, most of it seemed good. But Armor Mastery seemed like it might be a bit too good. But like I say, I'm not very experienced so I don't know how much impact it would have.
It is very good, compared to any other DR granting feat or ability as written (which I have likewise buffed as a rule). Generally, DR is hard to get in decent amounts, although when you can get it its pretty potent. The idea here is to give meleers increased ability to fulfill their role/tank. Its also to provide more options for feat heavy classes (read: fighter).

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I've seen these feats before, somewhere, and gave you my two cents. I like em.
Indeed, you have seen some of them but there are more feats, plus all my revisions (including some PHB ones that weren't there before) that are above and beyond your thread. I invite you to have a look.

Nonetheless, thank you for your endorsement.