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I think there's an Iaijutsu Master PrC that gets it as a class skill; you need some ranks to enter the class, but you can pick them up cross-class with Able Learner, and then you get all kinds of extra Iaijutsu stuff and your maximum rank goes up to the full class-skill mark.
If this is correct, then to qualify for Iaiajutsu master, I need 9 Iaijutsu focus, which can only be achieved cross class on level 15. As well as a bunch of rather useless feats (since katana is an exotic weapon, I need 2 feats to get Weapon Focus katana). Although the level 5 ability to add Cha bonus to each Iaijutsu damage hit die sounds quite good.

Squeezing everything in is going to be rather painful, and I will probably have to take Samurai anyway for Katana proficiency. And take Fighter levels to get a few extra feats to qualify.

It might look something like:

01: Commoner 1- Flaw: Chicken Infested, Flaw Feat: Weapon Proficiency: Chicken, Char Feat: Psionic Weapon, Human Feat: Able Learner
02: Warblade 1
03: Samurai 1-Char Feat: Steady Concentration
04: Rogue 1
05: Psion 1-Psion Bonus Feat: Psionic Meditation (Req Concentration 7)
06: Rogue 2-Char Feat: Elusive Dance (req Perform Dance 5)
07: Rogue 3
08: Rogue 4
09: Rogue 5-Char Feat: Deep Impact (Req BAB 5)
10: Fighter 1- Fighter Feat: Improved Initiative
11: Rogue 6
12: Rogue 7-Char Feat: Quick Draw
13: Rogue 8
14: Rogue 9
15: Rogue 10-Char Feat: WF Katana, Rogue Feat: Crippling Strike
16: Iaiajutsu Master 1
17: Iaiajutsu Master 2
18: Iaiajutsu Master 3-Char Feat: ??? (Skill Focus Concentration?)
19: Iaiajutsu Master 4
20: Iaiajutsu Master 5

At level 20, Iaijutsu Focus would have 23 ranks, giving an avarage of 34.5 on Iaijutsu check, or 5(Cha Bonus + d6) bonus damage. Rogue 10 would give you 5d6 sneak attack. Add on Sapphire Nightmare 1d6 bonus bonus for a total of 10d6 + (5*Cha bonus) bonus damage (ave ~35 + 5*Cha) on a touch attack (if your Concentration can overcome their AC). Unfortunately, it is rather End heavy, with the Iaijutsu Cha benefit only kicking in at level 20.

One thing that is bothering me, is how to get Concentration high enough to overcome virtually any AC for Sapphire Nightmare. I included Skill Focus Concentration and Steady Concentration in the scheme above, but are there any other feats that could do better?

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Yes, you. Well, it would be amazing. And if you have Quick Draw, you just produce a certain number of chickens every time you draw something.

So you would get an extra feat, which you could spend on quick draw, mitigating the effects while producing chickens.
Unfortunately, Quick draw won't get rid of the painful probability of drawing a Chicken when you need a potion, or a scroll, or anything that cannot be drawns as a free action, since Quick Draw only applies to weapons. Really, Chicken Solid Fog of cheese is virtually a necessity.