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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
    Note that if you have any class that gives access to Iajitsu Focus, then you use the class skill cap for maximum ranks, not the cross-class cap. So if the OA Samurai does get it, then you can enter Iajitsu Master after only six levels.
    The reason why Iaijutsu master is taken last is because its quite hard to squeeze in all the feat needed to qualify, and the Psionic Weapon/Deep Impact/Psionic Meditation/Elusive Dance combo at the same time.

    I also figured that a Marshal splash with Motivate Constitution minor Aura lets you add your Cha bonus to Con checks and skills (in this case Concentration). So splashing Marshal, lets you focus on pumping Cha to improve Iaiajutsu Focus, Iaijutsu Master bonus damage, AND Concentration checks.

    And with that, I present the latest incarnation of Cluck-tousai the slasher, the Charismatic Chicken Master

    01: Commoner 1- Flaw: Chicken Infested, Flaw Feat: Weapon Proficiency: Chicken, Char Feat: Psionic Weapon, Human Feat: Able Learner
    02: Warblade 1
    03: Samurai 1-Char Feat: Quick Draw
    04: Marshal 1-Motivate Constitution
    05: Rogue 1
    06: Rogue 2-Char Feat: Elusive Dance (req Perform Dance 5)
    07: Psion 1-Psion Bonus Feat: Psionic Meditation (Req Concentration 7)
    08: Rogue 3
    09: Rogue 4-Char Feat: Deep Impact (Req BAB 5)
    10: Rogue 5
    11: Rogue 6
    12: Rogue 7-Char Feat: Improved Initiative
    13: Rogue 8
    14: Rogue 9
    15: Rogue 10-Char Feat: WF Katana, Rogue Feat: Crippling Strike
    16: Iaiajutsu Master 1
    17: Iaiajutsu Master 2
    18: Iaiajutsu Master 3-Char Feat: Steady Concentration Or Shape Soulmeld
    19: Iaiajutsu Master 4
    20: Iaiajutsu Master 5

    Edit: If the DM permits it, consider dropping 2 levels of Rogue for 2 Paladin, so that you can add your Cha bonus to saves, but you lose Crippling strike.
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