We do need to step up the pace on this, before it completely stalls. I've gone through and set up a re-cap of what work we have left to do just so we can get a solid picture.

We still need that name thing. I went through and counted the current votes, and this is where we're at:

Murk: 3
Bog: 3

We need a tie-breaker so we can just be done with it.

Chapter 1:

We need a few more Natural Hazards, several more Supernatural Hazards, and a heck of a lot of traps.

Chapter 2:

We need a few more feats.

Chapter 3:


Chapter 4:

We need a few more vehicles.

Chapter 5:

We need a boatload more spells, one or two psionic powers, and a couple epic spells. A few magic armor/weapon abilities, and twice the magic items.

Chapter Six:


Chapter Seven:

Glugg needs to be finished, but that's it.


So very, very much.

(note: this is based off of the header of page 5, which I believe is somewhat out of date. I tried to include new stuff that doesn't appear there, but I probably missed a couple things.)
Not a lot more, really. We need a metric ton of spells and a lot of traps, but other than that it's mostly polish work.

Oh and a crapload of pictures, which I should really work on...