That gave me an idea. Has any book ever had a trap that just has a trigger on the ground that, when tripped, closes a big net over the characters in the area and pulls them up into the trees? You know, like the kind you see in cartoons and stuff all the time? Someone else can homebrew it, though, if it hasn't been done, because I don't know anything about traps.

I'm gonna do some more on Glugg at some point (when I get a little more done on my 4e RHoD conversion), and I'm still trying to come up with spells.

Also, does anyone know if nutria or something like them have been statted up somewhere? I'd like to make a Dire version, after being inspired by an episode of "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" where some crazy Cajun guy chased one in a boat, hit it on the head with a stick, skinned it in the boat, and then cooked it.