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Before I submit the class that I've drawn up, I just wanted to ask...

A person who seeks to excel on the battlefield in D&D, not too different from medieval Europe, will usually use a sword, correct?
Well, a person who seeks to excel on the battlefield can do so many a way, especially in fantasy with magic. This contest is specifically designed for sword masters though. So long, great, bastard, short...falchion even. Or just general to sword.

I ask because the prestige class I've made, Battlepith Soldier, should be able to work just fine for characters wielding greatswords, greataxes, or even longspears, glaives, and halberds. But greatswords are definitely what most of us would think when looking at the flavor of the class.
The contest is for sword masters, so it's a little more specific than that, though you might try your luck since "sword" is a pretty general term.

Also, Dman... thanks for the sweet profile links.

I've been going over the Fighter Variant that Seerow uses and am totally captivated.
...what? my profile? I don't recall linking any fighter fixes in my profile...I'm confused?

Also: For my class that I submitted, they gain Combat Expertise at 1st level for two reasons. The first is that it's a trick that makes sense they would pick up from fighting multiple opponents simultaneously, especially those with low AC. But just as importantly, and more esoterically, Combat Expertise is a requirement to take a Fighting Style in my setting. Gaining CE as a bonus feat allows characters who may not have the study skills (Read: intelligence) to devote themselves to a fighting style to still pick one up through constant conflict.

Should I simply post rules for fighting styles and how they work in my variant (roughly adapted from Quintessential Fighter but with a bit of homebrew and I imagine soon to be a twist of Tome of Battle), or should I link to it?
I am using 3.5 rules for this, no exceptions. If you add it as a class feature, then I wouldn't be able to stop you. But note that it would be restricted to that class only. Also, why should I care if you give them a bonus feat at 1st level? It's your class, you're making it. It's part of the design. It will be judge by your peers.

Also, I don't think I've ever even seen Seerow's fighter variant, I tend to stay away from fixes. Still confused.