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    Quote Originally Posted by dman11235 View Post
    You should include flavor with your class, and if the feat makes sense for the flavor, then all is good. If the feat doesn't make sense for the flavor, then it shouldn't be there, even with your combat style thing, as it sounds like those are extra-class abilities. Take this as advice for your non-contest PrC as well. Don't have things that don't make sense.
    I'm certainly well aware of this dogma. The concept that I was trying to get across (perhaps poorly worded) was that the class ability only makes sense in the context of my homebrew variant (hence the decision to cut it in this contest but also justifying its presence in my original).

    In regard to extra-class abilities, I believe that they can add an incredible amount of spice or sweetness to a class. I use this Fighting Style variant that allows martial characters some additional abilities. The reason that Fighting Styles are an extra-class ability is that they are something that characters of many different paths (Ranger, Paladin, Fighter, various PrCs) can and will take, so instead of making a variant for every martial class, it became considerably easier and made more sense to me to make the system extra-class. Point being: just because it's not ingrained into the class stat block doesn't mean that it's not an important part of what the class is in the setting I've crafted.

    That said, again I appreciate your clarification to me concerning the contest. I'm sorry for causing the initial confusion, because I thought you were aware of this fighter variant that has some elements of Fighting Styles... so my post made that assumption and looking at it without that is quite nonsensical.

    On a separate note: I was thinking about a good way to evaluate the entries. Depending on how many we have submitted, I was thinking that a reviewing process might be in order.

    In science when you submit a grant for approval, at the big roundtable where everyone votes, two people have been assigned to each grant, and provide some background, a review, and their careful judgement on it, with 1.0 being the best and 5.0 being the worst.

    Perhaps the atomosphere here is constructive enough that each participant (or perhaps just those that volunteer) could be assigned to review like 2 of the PrCs before the voting begins, so that a summary of what the class is and some of the elegant points about it (from the allegedly enlightened ranks of the creators/entrants) to assist voters in their decisions.

    Just a thought

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